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The power of paint—graffiti and its pursuit of justice

Graffiti is an expression of hope, a demand for justice, and a representation of community solidarity.


Why I still love Georgetown basketball

As Georgetown’s basketball season wrapped up, calls to fire men’s basketball head coach Patrick Ewing rained down on social media. The calls are emotional and wouldn’t solve the Hoyas’ problems.... Read more


Grab a seat at Signature Theatre’s Daphne’s Dive

As soon as the audience enters Signature Theatre’s ARK, they become immersed in the world of Daphne’s Dive. To get to their seats, they must walk across the black-and-white checkered... Read more

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Charli XCX pours a shot of liquid confidence with her new single “Baby”

“Baby” is the latest piece of evidence of her ability to continually innovate and expand her sound. 


New light installment at The Wharf sends hopeful message to Romanians living abroad

The installation connects Romanians living abroad to their homeland and is scheduled to last until March 31 of this year. 

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“Bitch, you better be joking”: The trials and tribulations of Euphoria season two

The dazzling cinematography, wardrobe, and makeup fail to compensate for the show’s confusing plot and lack of a cohesive statement. 


Georgetown falls to Seton Hall in first round of the Big East Tournament

Coming off of the worst regular season in Georgetown men’s basketball history (6-24, 0-19) and with rumors swirling about the future of head coach Patrick Ewing, the Hoyas went out... Read more

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The Weekly List: Travel through space with these cosmic songs

After a busy midterm season, everyone deserves a break. Whether you are traveling far or staying local this spring break, you’ll find that these songs are out of this world.... Read more


The National Geographic Museum reopens its doors and reinforces a call for change with its newest exhibitions

When visitors walk into the recently reopened National Geographic Museum, an important message greets them upon entry, “When a wildlife image sparks an emotional connection, it can also become a... Read more

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Weezer’s White Album (2016) is the perfect spring break soundtrack

If you’re looking for an album to accompany you on your respite from the stress of Georgetown academics this spring break, look no further than Weezer’s White Album (2016).


Without Ransom, Hoyas lose big to dominant Huskies

Missing an injured Kelsey Ransom, the Hoyas were unable to keep up with the top seeded Huskies in the Big East Tournament.

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Beijing 2022 proves artistry still matters in figure skating

On the morning of February 4, the audience in Beijing’s Capital Indoor Stadium, though limited by COVID-19 capacity restrictions, was rapt. It was the first day of figure skating competition... Read more


Oscar contender The Worst Person in the World on how it feels to be alive

Something achingly beautiful happens halfway through The Worst Person in the World (2022), Joachim Trier’s latest romantic comedy-drama: Our protagonist Julie (Renate Reinsve) flicks a light switch in her boyfriend’s... Read more


Georgetown is abandoning its student leaders

Georgetown, flush with lackluster resources, is knowingly relying on an under-supported, undertrained, and largely unpaid crop of student leaders to create a basic system of community care.

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Marijuana policies

Washington, D.C. has relaxed its marijuana laws significantly in recent years, but Georgetown’s official drug policies have not followed suit.


Women’s basketball send the Friars packing in the first round of the Big East Tournament

In the opening round of the 2022 Women’s Big East Tournament, Georgetown (10-18, 4-15) beat Providence (11-19, 6-14) 68-55, securing their spot in the quarterfinals against top-seeded UConn (22-5, 16-1)... Read more


Women’s club water polo defies expectations, makes a splash

Going into the last day of their tournament at James Madison University on Feb. 20, Georgetown women’s club water polo was not expecting much going up against the powerhouse Virginia... Read more


I pledge allegiance as a stan: Breaking down Twitter subculture

Just like any other subculture, Stan Twitter has its rules and conventions; allegiances and local personalities; and, most of all, dangers and downsides.

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Maddie Zahm cultivates community on TikTok with her latest single, “Fat Funny Friend”

TikTok’s latest viral single, however, confronts another kind of broken relationship: the one we have with our own bodies. 


Jamorko Pickett’s continued rise: The incredible journey of D.C.’s own after Georgetown

This piece is a follow-up to a May 24, 2021 Voice article on Jamorko Pickett.   July 29, 2021. The 2021 NBA Draft. Two rounds to decide the 60 names... Read more


Metroid Dread is one of the Switch’s best games. It almost didn’t exist.

Nobody expected Metroid Dread (2021). The game, a follow-up to the Game Boy cult-classic Metroid Fusion (2002), began its life nearly two decades ago as a title for the Nintendo... Read more


How the Philodemic Room portraits came down, and what’s next

Along the four long walls of the Philodemic Room in Healy Hall, there are empty spaces where portraits once hung.


For incarcerated D.C. residents, poor conditions aren’t new—but it took a pandemic to prompt changes

Tyrone Walker memorized one specific sentence in the bio of Tom Faust, the director of the D.C. Department of Corrections (DOC).


TEDxGeorgetown 2022 poses the question of renewal in a world altered by the pandemic

The organizers of TEDxGeorgetown are looking ahead, to a “renaissance” of new hope after two years of strife and isolation on a global scale.


A little bark, but no bite: Hoyas lose to UConn as streak reaches 18

Georgetown men’s basketball (6-21, 0-17 Big East) lost their 18th consecutive contest against No. 21 UConn (21-7, 12-5 Big East) 86-77 on Sunday. Graduate guard R.J. Cole led all Husky... Read more