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Halftime Leisure

“Out Of My System” is distinctly Louis Tomlinson and that’s why it works

Louis Tomlinson’s “Out Of My System” sounds like it belongs to an old One Direction album. Tomlinson’s latest single borrows from pop, rock, and punk sounds to collectively create one... Read more


Ticket to Paradise is the ultimate feel-good getaway

If watching George Clooney and Julia Roberts play beer pong was not on your 2022 bingo card, you are not alone.


Solving polarization won’t fix our society’s injustices

Today’s society is not a utopia, and it’s important to realize that politics is and will always be personal—especially for marginalized communities, which is why it is necessary that we work towards progressive action instead of reduced polarization.

Halftime Leisure

Protest through song: an ode to resistance in Hozier’s “Swan Upon Leda”

Content warning: this article discusses sexual assault. Reverence and rage do not often accompany each other, but to Hozier the two are notes on the same staff. Hozier is perhaps... Read more

DC News

Members of the Georgetown community push back on Republican senators’ proposed anti-vaccine mandate for D.C. public schools

Sens. Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn have introduced a bill to repeal D.C. public school's vaccine mandate, to the protest of many.


Buttigieg town hall reflects on importance of bipartisan infrastructure bill on the future of the country, climate change, and racial justice

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg visited Georgetown University for a town hall on Oct. 11 to discuss his future goals.


The 1975 revisits their roots in Being Funny in a Foreign Language

The band has figured out how to cut to the point without getting lost in the details.


On Midnights, all of Taylor Swift’s late-night thoughts come alive

But on the darkly mysterious Midnights, Swift uses the vulnerability of the late night to reflect on these raw emotions.


Mask and Bauble’s Love’s Labour’s Lost puts a joyful spin on one of Shakespeare’s more obscure comedies

Mask and Bauble’s take on Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost is a commentary on the dynamics of love and gender.

Halftime Leisure

Under (the) Siege: Halle Bailey’s color-blind Ariel and the role of race in fairy tales

The upcoming live-action adaptation of yet another Disney Renaissance-era classic, The Little Mermaid (1989),  has sparked discussion about diversity and casting equity on the big screen. In light of the... Read more


This Week in Soccer: Men and Women Clinch Big East Titles

Following shaky starts to the season for two of Georgetown’s premier programs, all appears well in the soccer world as both the men’s (8-4-3, 6-1-1 Big East) and women’s (12-1-5,... Read more


Georgetown Ukrainian Society visits Lithuanian Embassy in effort to expand cultural education on Eastern Europe

Members of Georgetown’s Ukrainian Society had the opportunity to join students from Gettysburg College at the Lithuanian Embassy on Sept. 23.


D.C.’s new migrant services bill is anti-immigrant and dangerous

If D.C. is to call itself a sanctuary city, its government must take bold steps to actually protect its immigrants.  Municipal responses to migrant busing have been woefully inadequate, locking some of the District’s most vulnerable residents out of guaranteed access to legal support, employment and education trainings, fixed shelter, medical care, and food provision. It also endangers the ability of many immigrants—including those who are long-term D.C. residents—to access D.C.’s services for homelessness entirely. The D.C. Council must adopt legislation correcting these failures. 

Halftime Leisure

This time, it really is just a bunch of Hocus Pocus: Hocus Pocus 2 Movie Review

Well, it’s that time of year again: Hocus Pocus season. As Halloween approaches, Hocus Pocus (1993) related toil and trouble of all manner floods the internet and this year has... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Interracial casting in Hollywood isn’t as progressive as we think it is

Still making waves from its June release to Amazon Prime Video, The Summer I Turned Pretty checked off all the boxes for a quintessential summer drama: first love and subsequent... Read more


Concert Preview: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Oct. 29, The Howard Theatre

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 of Drag Race royalty will be bringing the North American tour of her latest album Red 4 Filth (2022) to The Howard Theatre. 


Hoya Volleyball Falls to Bluejays

The Georgetown women’s volleyball team (4-17, 2-8 Big East) fell to the No. 18 Creighton Bluejays (18-3, 10-0 Big East) in a 3-0 sweep in McDonough Gymnasium on Saturday. This... Read more

Halftime Sports

All my friends are NFL head coaches

Thirty-two NFL teams play every season, but according to ESPN, there are 40 million head coaches keeping an eye on their teams every week. Fantasy football has been taking over... Read more


Demi Lovato’s return to the stage will leave you saying “Holy Fvck”

Lovato’s Holy Fvck tour is one of healing, catharsis, and rebirth, all delivered through her natural stage presence and breathtaking vocals. 


Triangle of Sadness is a parable about beauty and excess

But the film truly shines when dissecting the economic value of beauty as it exists today with Instagram influencers and their ilk.


I’m a ‘Type 1 diabetic,’ not a ‘person with type one diabetes’: Rejecting person-first language

PFL is a norm that many non-disabled people have attempted to universalize, regardless of personal linguistic preferences within the disabled community. While some disabled people are fine with PFL, many prefer IFL, especially in recent years.


Students walk out in protest of Mike Pence GU Politics event

On Oct. 19th, former Vice President Mike Pence came to Georgetown’s campus to speak and was met with protests and opposition.

DC News

Protesters gather to support abortion rights, encourage voting for Democrats at this year’s Women’s March

Thousands of protesters gathered to rally and march for women’s rights, with special emphasis placed on abortion rights.


Educator exodus: Inside D.C.’s teacher turnover crisis

It’s an alarming high, especially here in the District. D.C. currently has the highest urban teacher turnover rate in the entire country.

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Georgetown’s application process

With students preparing for Georgetown’s Jan. 10 regular decision deadline, debate over the application has returned to the forefront.