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An Editorial to The Hoya: We miss you. Let’s get back together.

We can overcome our limitations and challenges if we both acknowledge that we were wrong to judge each other so harshly and move forward with forgiveness in our hearts.


Knock Knock. Who’s there? Candice. Candice who?

Georgetown’s intricately designed system of doorways serves as a stimulating puzzle to holistically enrich the bodies and minds of students.


Fame, femininity, and flamenco: On MOTOMAMI, Rosalía is not the pop star you think she is

On MOTOMAMI, Rosalía is both more playful and vulnerable than ever before, offering meditations on love, fame, and womanhood. 


Hiring search for Disability Cultural Initiative brings Disability Cultural Center closer to reality

The search for a new associate director of the Disability Cultural Initiative (DCI) has re-energized student hopes of establishing a DCC. 


Georgetown students flock to get on Flok

Flok, an anonymous social media app, has become popular among Georgetown students who use it to anonymously share aspects of life on campus.


SJP pulls off successful Israeli Apartheid Week, despite organizing troubles

SJP hosted a series of events educating the community about Palestinian culture and human rights issues in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.


Repeal of indoor mask mandate met with mixed response from Georgetown community

Georgetown implemented a mask-optional policy in university-operated buildings, including residence halls, classrooms, and dining facilities.


Felly’s “Rush of the Road” tour demonstrates that the most integral part of a performance is the audience

Christian Felner, whose stage name is Felly, found a love for music in the same town that I did.


HFSC reopening heralds return of student life

Georgetown’s reopening of the HFSC Great Room serves as a step towards restoring a lively student presence in the space. 

Halftime Leisure

The Voice predicts the 2022 Oscars

I’m almost certain that Campion and Co. will make history on Sunday and walk home with (at least) a win for Best Picture.


Former Secretary of State and professor Madeleine Albright dies at 84

Dr. Madeleine K. Albright, the first female Secretary of State and professor at Georgetown, died on March 23 at 84 years old. 

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Halftime’s Dream Journal: Espionage à la mode

This elegant ballroom is, in fact, a bougie ice cream parlor, where Oscar winners receive a scoop of their preferred ice cream flavor to commemorate their remarkable achievements.

Halftime Sports

The quest for more

After two months away from the game, Tom Brady has returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Did he make the right decision? On March 12th, 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo scored a... Read more


Men’s and women’s teams fall in first games of spring exhibition soccer

Hoya fans got their first look at the 2022 Georgetown men’s and women’s soccer team on Sunday, as both squads hosted exhibition games at Shaw Field. In their opening exhibition... Read more

News Commentary

More Georgetown graduates go into consulting than any other field. Why?

Statistically, there’s a 1 in 3 chance that I, albeit a CULP major in the SFS, will go into consulting or banking.


Georgetown men’s lacrosse downs Utah thanks to eight unanswered goals

The last time Georgetown took to Cooper Field, they suffered an upset loss to no. 18 Princeton. Now, two weeks later, the Hoyas were back at home to battle an... Read more


The Dark Knight gets even darker in neo-noir thriller The Batman (2022)

This story begins with an already trauma-riddled Bruce Wayne, allowing us to witness his transformation from a vengeful vigilante to Gotham's hero.

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What Inventing Anna tells us about class, Georgetown, and the status quo

But she also raises questions about class identity and allegiance that exist at the intersection of the monied and the not—an intersection that exists at Georgetown, too.


STEM Fatale: The pitfalls of the “Women in STEM” label

I’m a “Woman in STEM”—I used to love saying that. It felt important to have a title that recognized my love for science, as well as the challenges associated with... Read more

Halftime Sports

Eight teams to watch for in women’s March Madness

For the first time in basketball history, the women’s tournament is finally sharing the “March Madness” slogan.

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13 songs to get into K-pop for the unenlightened

Our 13 gateway songs aren’t everything the genre has to offer, but this introduction will get your feet wet and ready for more.


“We all belong to this community.” Students run for ANC office

Cimrun Srivastava and Arnav Kumar are running for seats on ANC 2E, representing the neighborhoods of Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillandale.


Georgetown community rallies in the wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Students joined a sea of thousands of protesters carrying Ukrainian, Georgian, and U.S. flags into the center of D.C.


The merit to rethinking meritocracy, and why we need to change ‘elite’ admissions

The conversation around meritocratic admissions that dominates elite institutions promotes an us-versus-them mentality that drives a wedge between minority groups.


The power of paint—graffiti and its pursuit of justice

Graffiti is an expression of hope, a demand for justice, and a representation of community solidarity.