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Department of African American Studies changes name to Department of Black Studies

Georgetown’s board of directors announced on Feb. 29 that Georgetown’s Department of African American Studies will now be known as the Department of Black Studies. The change is intended to... Read more


Washington Magic brings old-school magic to life with humorous charm

A respite from the predictability of everyday life, Washington Magic reminds us to infuse the mundane with a sprinkle of magic.


The Army, The Navy Are Not Your Average Singer-Songwriter Duo

Amidst the crowded corner of the singer-songwriter music scene, budding duo The Army, The Navy hold their own with their debut album, Fruit for Flies.

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ZAYN strips down his style and boldly bares his introspection in “What I Am”

“What I Am,” like ZAYN’s previous work, is largely genre-defying, as evidenced by his signature riffs and runs.

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In 2024, Hollywood and haute couture demand drama and spectacle

Pop culture sits at the confluence of film, TV, and haute couture: the realms take influence from and inspire each other.


Georgetown students possibly entitled to claims, as terms for $284 million settlement in financial aid lawsuit pend approval

Current and former students of 17 top universities, including Georgetown, who received financial aid may be entitled to cash claims from a settlement in a class action lawsuit accusing the... Read more


A new lawsuit says dating apps are addictive. Are Georgetown students immune?

In a lawsuit filed on Valentine’s Day, lawyers in San Francisco alleged that Match Group, designer of Tinder and Hinge, developed its dating apps to be addictive. Georgetown students’ reasons... Read more


Jewish Student Association’s “JGala” uplifts Georgetown community, Jewish and non-Jewish students alike

Music is blasting, and a chocolate fountain is running as students giddily sprint up the stairs to be greeted by a lively DJ and dance circle. But unlike most Georgetown... Read more

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Hazbin Hotel delivers the vibrance adult animation has-been missing

Hazbin Hotel strikes the perfect balance between the two while also developing complex characters and an easy-to-follow storyline


Red Square construction causes farmers market to downsize

Since Feb. 26, a section of Red Square has been blocked for construction, temporarily downsizing the Georgetown Farmers Market, which returned from its winter hiatus on March 20. The market,... Read more


The objective 100% accurate ranking of the freshman dorms (Not up for debate!)

That's right, this April Fools, the Voice hereby decrees that being normal is a good thing. In a world where Copley girls spit at you and Harbin boys bark at you, Reynolds kids simply nod at you and walk by. Or so we assume.


D.C.’s first all-vegan Cajun joint opens on the National Mall

The city does not boast many vegan-Cajun restaurants, making 73 Farm a novelty for some, and a source of nostalgia for others.


Ricky Montgomery cements his permanent home in the music industry with The Rick Tour: Another Rick in the Wall

Whenever Montgomery performs, he makes his listeners feel right at home, building a safe haven up brick by brick—or rather, Rick by Rick. 


Students, activists rally as Supreme Court considers potential restrictions on abortion medication

Thousands of protesters protested at the Supreme Court against potential restrictions on the use of a common abortion medication, mifepristone, as oral arguments began for FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine on March 26.

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The Washington Spirit downs Bay FC

On Saturday Mar. 23, the Washington Spirit (1-1-0) defeated Bay FC (1-1-0) 2-1 at Audi Field in their first home game of the 2024-25 season. The Spirit dominated the second... Read more


Georgetown will not voluntarily recognize RA union, administrators say

The university announced today in an email to all resident assistants (RAs) that it would not voluntarily recognize their unionization with OPEIU Local 153, as the Georgetown Resident Assistant Coalition (GRAC) requested last Friday.


Data, Disasters, and Democracy: Kara Swisher Discusses the Future of Tech

Alumna and tech journalist Kara Swisher (SFS ’84) returned to Georgetown on March 14 to discuss her new book, Burn Book, in a conversation moderated by tech entrepreneur Steve Case,... Read more

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Drive to Survive: Season Six veers off track, trading documentary for drama

Despite ultimately falling flat in its content and filming style, the show will likely continue to pull new fans into the world of F1.


Meet Georgetown’s Funniest Human, Sophie Maretz

In case you missed it, Georgetown Programming Board recently crowned its new funniest human in a packed comedy contest held on Feb. 23. After hours of stiff competition, students and... Read more


Turf & Burn: The QB Carousel

After a brief hiatus, Caroline and Dylan are back and feeling spicier than ever recapping NFL free agency. They begin by discussing the flurry of QB contracts and trades, namely... Read more


Students show solidarity with workers as they negotiate new contract with Aramark

Students have rallied behind dining hall workers as they negotiate with Aramark, the company Georgetown contracts for dining services, for a new contract.


When you’re not ‘LinkedIn’ to the Georgetown culture

The obsession with Corporate America™ heightens in every baby-faced freshman as soon as they pass through Healy’s hallowed halls. From vying for unpaid positions in coveted consulting clubs to near fistfights over the front-row seat in IR lectures, Georgetown culture is defined not just by how well-connected you are, but how you subsequently climb the social ladder.


The death of DCist should scare you

There’s no way to analyze the closure of DCist without zooming out to look at the current media landscape and WAMU’s complicated relationship with its online news platform. The shuttering of the DCist website did not happen out of the blue. It was a strategic choice by the Washington-based NPR affiliate to stay afloat amid the turmoil of 21st century journalism.

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Scaling the growing mountain of overconsumption

“Check out my haul from REI!” “Get dressed with me as I prepare for my hike!” “I tried tons of outdoor pants and here are the four you NEED to... Read more


New season, new ambitions: Hoya baseball looks to shine in new stadium

There’s a buzz in the air at Capital One Park. Whether it’s the $5 beers or the Metro trains whizzing by up above, there’s an electric atmosphere building around the... Read more