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“I’m not a monster, I’m a mother”: Making villains of superhero women

Sam Raimi did Wanda Maximoff dirty. His early summer entrance into the MCU with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) ignored a season’s worth of character development written... Read more


What happens when it is not the child who needs to be taken care of?

When you believe that you are solely responsible for someone's well-being, you also worry that your departure will be the sole reason for their deterioration.


COP27, Human Rights, and The Climate Crisis

COP27 has been tasked with overcoming past criticisms while also dealing with new challenges that are arising inside a country with high levels of censorship and repression.


Vincent and Hirai win the fall 2022 GUSA Executive Election

Camber Vincent and Alyssa Hirai have won the fall 2022 GUSA Executive and will be the next president and vice president.

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Tell Me Lies: Your next binge watch

If you’re looking for a drama-filled show that will keep you faithfully tuned in to every episode, look no further. Tell Me Lies (2022), a television series based on Carola... Read more


Letter from the Editors: concerning the Vincent/Hirai endorsement

The Voice rescinds its endorsement of the Vincent/Hirai ticket, although we still believe Vincent would be the most progressive candidate.


Meet the candidates: GUSA Executive

The Voice sat down with each Executive ticket to talk through their key policy platforms, budget plans, and overall goals. 


Restoring GUSA’s reputation and improving student life on the ballot in the 2022 Senate elections

The Voice sat down with some of the senatorial candidates from the class of 2026 to discuss key initiatives and goals.


With a stellar cast and hilarious post-apocalyptic antics, Dog Act is a triumph

Running in the Davis Performing Arts Center’s Devine Theatre from Nov. 2 to Nov. 12, this play is a must-see on-campus student theater event this fall.

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A disappointing but nostalgic prequel: Rings of Power (2022) misses big

Warning: spoilers Full Disclosure: If you’re looking for a detailed analysis on how J.R.R. Tolkien’s world works or how his world-building is incorporated into the show, this is absolutely not... Read more


My Policeman is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful portrait of forbidden love and its consequences

My Policeman ensures that despite their relationship’s foretold end, viewers will experience the heartbreak alongside the characters as they attempt to navigate the ramifications of the 1950s’ restrictive social culture.


For lack of a progressive ticket, vote Vincent/Hirai

Here we are again. Another GUSA election, another set of lackluster candidates. If you’re looking for a progressive GUSA ticket, there isn’t one. So in the absence of better choices—or... Read more


Noah Kahan’s Stick Season dives headfirst into who we are and where we come from

Despite his rising popularity, Kahan’s latest album is undeniably authentic in its depiction of coming of age in small-town New England.


Georgetown Rewind: A Conversation with DeGioia

President John J. DeGioia sat down with a former editor-in-chief of the Voice, Sarah Watson (SFS ’22), to discuss university-wide issues. 

DC News

Who and what is on the ballot in the D.C. general election?

Hoyas who aren’t voting in their home state have the opportunity to join fellow D.C. residents in voting in the general election.


New Georgetown Food Recovery Network seeks to reduce food waste

A new initiative to reduce food waste and help end food insecurity in the United States has arrived at Georgetown: the Food Recovery Network.

DC News

National Air and Space Museum reopens with a focus on telling untold stories

On Friday, Oct. 14, bustling crowds once again filled the National Air and Space Museum as it reopened to the public. 


Swift-Talk: Midnights is Here!

Welcome to Swift-Talk! Nadine and Fallon go track by track through Taylor’s most recent release Midnights, expressing all of their (many!) feelings about the album. Make sure to follow their... Read more


GU Votes aids students in registering for the upcoming midterms, faces uphill battle

With expansions in voting-by-mail during a contentious midterm, voting organizations are working hard to expand students' turnout.

Halftime Sports

NIL helps athletes sell: How the branding rule change is shaping collegiate sports

In 2021, Kool-Aid signed Alabama student athlete Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry to promote their brand on the football field. It’s normal for athletes to market their public image, but until recently,... Read more


Faith on the field: How student athletes navigate religion at Georgetown

For many of Georgetown’s almost 800 student athletes, athletics are practically a full-time job. While juggling a 40-hour sports schedule, academics, and social life, spiritual well-being can get put on... Read more

Basketball Issue 2022

Brandon Murray is bringing the grind—and the style—back to the District

If you spot Brandon Murray on campus in his sweatpants, be sure to keep your distance. Murray, the sophomore transfer from Louisiana State University (LSU) who looks to be the... Read more


“What We’re All About:” Graceann Bennett and the power of on-court persistence

For senior post player Graceann Bennett, everything comes back to hard work. She attributes that attitude to her parents, both college athletes themselves. Her father Jeff was a football player... Read more


Men’s BIG EAST Preview 2022-23

1 Though still among the conference elites, Villanova is a risky pick to be the top team in the BIG EAST. Hall of Fame Head Coach Jay Wright has retired,... Read more


Women’s BIG EAST Preview 2022-23

Tier 1: Giants of the Game 1. Reigning Big East champion UConn is the current favorite, but recent roster changes could complicate their dominance. Three of five starters graduated, and... Read more