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What is Metro doing about fare evasion?

This month, Metro is cracking down on fare evasion and testing out preventative new fare gates, as it struggles to recover from the pandemic.


“This is what community looks like”: Student activists receive university response to hate crime, ending sit-in

After the fourth consecutive day of the GU Protects Racists sit-in, university administrators publicly responded to the demands of LaHannah Giles on Dec. 8. On Dec. 9, organizers decided to end the sit-in. 


Fate of price-fixing lawsuit could be decided by students

As the lawsuit against the 568 Presidents Group continues, supporters are encouraging students to speak out.


Empire of Light bites off more than it can chew

In this ’80s period film, Colman portrays Hilary, a middle-aged movie theater manager in an English coastal town.

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Best (and worst) of 2022: Albums

BEST:  MUNA – MUNA  MUNA’s third studio album earns its self-titled status by presenting a sublime collection of songs embodying the group’s hallmark style: emotionally rich lyrics with an energetic... Read more


Georgetown fails to finish; South Carolina pulls out overtime win

The six-point favorite Georgetown Hoyas (4-5, Big East) fell 74-71 in overtime to the South Carolina Gamecocks (4-4, SEC). Once again, the Hoyas’ inability to defend the three led to... Read more


#GeorgetownProtectsRacists sit-in demands accountability for hate crime

Students are occupying Healy Hall to demand accountability and justice for LaHannah Giles (COL ’23), the survivor of a racist hate crime on Georgetown Day this year.


Vigil held for Urumqi victims

A vigil was held in Freedom Plaza on Dec. 4 to honor and mourn the victims of the Urumqi fire in the Xinjiang region of China.


It’s time we reconstruct our view of protests

“Constructive” protests are generally nonviolent and informative to the other side, with the hope that people who previously disagreed with you will come to see your cause and make concessions. If a protest doesn’t meet these goals and expectations, however, it is often written off altogether, deemed instead “unconstructive,” “unhelpful to the cause,” or in the extremes even labeled as “riots.”

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Wednesday: A fun but half-assed addition

On Nov. 23, Netflix released the highly anticipated new series Wednesday. The show is the latest addition to the Addams Family universe, creating a storyline for the infamous daughter, Wednesday... Read more

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The two-episode premiere of The Santa Clauses puts the series on thin ice

The show picks up almost thirty years into Calvin’s tenure, as he begins to periodically lose his Christmas magic.


Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity embroiled in drama and litigation

The Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and an associated nonprofit are the center of a recent civil suit.

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American Horror Story: NYC is a dreadful stain on the franchise

With the release of every new season of the horror anthology classic American Horror Story (AHS), viewers are always hopeful for a season reminiscent of the early golden era of... Read more


Voice Sportz’ World Cup: All Things USMNT 

The 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off on Nov. 20 in Qatar. The World Cup comes around every four years and is one of the most highly anticipated events in... Read more


Legacy honored as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tenderly chaperones its audience through grief and loss

But the movie is an ode to Boseman. Wakanda Forever is, at its core, a story of grief, resilience, and recovery.


Smile is an entertaining horror film that squanders its thematic potential

Perhaps this recent shift in consumer interest helps make sense of the seeming contradiction between Smile’s aggressive promotion and thematic scope. 


Students frustrated with the new proposed housing plan

The recently announced changes to the 2022-2023 housing plan, including renovating the hotel, have frustrated many students.


As temperatures plummet, Georgetown’s Hypothermia Outreach Team reorganize to raise community support

D.C. agencies, non-profits, and campus organizations are aiming to prevent weather related deaths and injuries as hypothermia season starts.


Black Adam: A boring attempt

2/10. Less than mid.


Aftersun is all hazy memories and melancholy

Sunshine, salt air, and sadness color this stunning portrayal of a father-daughter bond.


Cleanse your palettes: The Menu is a meal you won’t want to miss

Once you’ve peeled back its layers, The Menu proves to be a clever satire on food culture as well.


As Cooper Field closes, club sports struggle to find alternative practice spaces—again

With Cooper Field closed for renovations, many club sports teams that depend on the field will have to search for other practice spaces.


Good Night Oppy: a story of human love and innovation

Good Night Oppy (2022) looks at the most human thing we’ve sent to Mars: twin rovers named Spirit and Opportunity.


As DC’s Silver Line extends, Georgetown students finally have an easier route to an international airport

The DC Metro’s Silver Line fully re-opened Nov. 15, adding a new extension to Washington Dulles International Airport.

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Initiative 82, which will raise wages for tipped workers, passes in the District

Initiative 82 passed with overwhelming support, meaning the tipped minimum wage will gradually increase to $16.10.