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A Case for the Classics: But I’m a Cheerleader

When you think of the greatest rom-coms of the late 20th century, what do you think of? 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)? Clueless (1995)? When Harry Met Sally... Read more

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Work, wisdom and community: The ethos of the Hill Boys

It was October of 2020, and the world was still eerily quiet: a silent summer broken only by the two-minute serenade of pots and pans for the frontline workers at... Read more

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Season 2 of Abbott Elementary is a masterclass in community storytelling

Season two of Abbott Elementary does not disappoint. Everything that garnered praise for the first season has held true for the second as it retains all the charm and humor... Read more


“Queer chaos” returns to Georgetown with The Rocky Horror Picture Show

More than anything, Rocky Horror is about self-acceptance, a sentiment immediately exposed to the audience.

Halftime Sports

How the NCAA is attempting to rein in the chaos of the transfer portal

“Let’s not make a mistake: We have free agency in college football.”  Lane Kiffin, the head football coach at Ole Miss, famously uttered those words to describe the massive shift... Read more


Autobots, don’t roll out: Georgetown community defends Transformer sculptures

The towering Transformers sculptures on Prospect Street, NW, are facing an old foe from 2021—a three-person federal board determined to get rid of them.


David Shick and the forgotten legacy of Georgetown Day

Georgetown Day is characterized by daytime parties to celebrate the end of classes—but underneath the revelry, the day has a tragic past most Hoyas don’t know about.


Dismantling rape culture with Marlee Liss for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Marlee Liss, award-winning speaker and author of Re-Humanize, held discussions with Georgetown students about alternative resolutions to sexual assault cases and heteronormativity in sexual education on April 12 and 13.


D.C. the first U.S. city to establish local SNAP benefits for recipients

On March 10, a D.C. Council bill to increase the minimum monthly Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payment became law, making D.C. the first U.S. city to implement local SNAP benefits. The “Give SNAP a Raise Amendment Act,” originally introduced by councilmember Christina Henderson in December 2022, proposed a 10 percent increase in SNAP benefits for all District recipients to match expenses under the Low-Cost Food Plan (LCFP) outlined by the USDA.


Turf & Burn: Episode 6

On episode 6 of the Turf & Burn podcast, Caroline and Dylan discuss the latest suspensions in the MLB and the NFL, notably Max Scherzer of the New York Mets... Read more


THEO 101: The Problem of Google Calendar

There are certainly benefits to visually dividing up one’s day in color coordinating blocks and receiving phone notifications of events, and I fully utilize the service to keep track of myriad life happenings. But the way Georgetown students use it is borderline obsessive, perhaps straight up deviant.


Fall Out Boy returns to pop-punk mastery on So Much (For) Stardust

If a little pop punk and old-school emo have been missing from your life, So Much (For) Stardust is exactly what you need.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra is “So Good at Being in Trouble,” but even better at lighting up the stage

While the band has yet to make the full jump into mainstream consciousness, their vast experience as a touring act was evident in the well-crafted, dynamic setlist.


Hoya Hotline: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Hoya Hotline! Join Bradshaw and Romy in a discussion about homesickness, growing up, and accepting change. At the end of their first year of... Read more


Georgetown hosts second annual Tech & Society week

At 10 a.m. on Monday, March 27, a group gathered at 500 1st Street to discuss privacy enhancing technologies and kick off Georgetown's second annual Tech & Society Week.


Hoya Harvest Garden blooms atop Regents

The Hoya Harvest Garden opens on the Regents Hall fourth floor patio this spring, providing food for the local community and a space for students and faculty to learn about responsible food systems.


On UGLY, Slowthai lets it all out

Slowthai’s dogged insistence on finding joy is deeply hopeful, and his commitment to exposing the ugliest parts of himself is undeniably cathartic.


Turf & Burn: Episode 5

Let the playoffs begin! For episode 5 of the Turf & Burn podcast, Caroline and Dylan do a deep dive into their NHL Stanley Cup Playoff predictions for round 1 in both the... Read more

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On “A&W,” Lana Del Rey Will Be An American Whore, Despite Your Objections

Content warning: This article includes references to sexual violence. “Do you really think I give a damn what I do after years of just hearing them talking?”  The question kicks... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Love and Loss in the Apocalypse: The Last of Us Season Review

Content Warning: This article discusses self-harm and suicide. Since it began airing this past January, The Last of Us (TLOU) has truly become a juggernaut of the small screen. The... Read more


Dragonette took us back to the “Twennies” at Union Stage

With every song, Sorbara was able to embody and exude a vibrant, youthful energy.


HOYAlert experiences glitches after transition to an “opt-out” text system

Georgetown’s mass emergency notification system HOYAlert experienced technical glitches following its transition to an “opt-out” model for its text message alerts, which the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) announced on March 20. 

News Commentary

Validating communities: Exploring queer joy at Georgetown

But actually entering Georgetown’s queer community revealed a landscape of identity and experience far more diverse and complex than one affinity group chat for queer people or just a “very gay” university.

News Commentary

Beyond fleeting joy, Black art is more than the antithesis of pain

Black art made of the mundane is rarely celebrated. Rather, when it comes to representing Black lives, it is art that draws from both personal and systemic forms of suffering that is given precedence.


National Portrait Gallery’s Kinship provides a reflective glimpse into our closest relationships

Featuring eight contemporary artists, Kinship depicts the complexities of human relationships through various media.