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The next lesson in American history should be how to challenge it, and we should start with the monuments

The first place I went after my first visit to Georgetown was the Jefferson Memorial. A history buff with a knack for American presidential trivia, going to college in the... Read more


Follow the university’s COVID-19 guidelines to protect the vulnerable

Isolation is exhausting—plain and simple. After months removed from friends and campus, it’s understandable that Georgetown students are anxious to return to their normal, pre-coronavirus lifestyles. However, the only way... Read more


Troye Sivan Creates Glorious, Otherworldly Pop with In A Dream

Troye Sivan’s latest EP, In A Dream (2020), contends with harsher realities and darker feelings than ever before. Since the release of his lush tribute to love, Bloom (2018), Sivan... Read more


Field of Dreams: After years of delays, a new Cooper Field is finally ready to see action

On April 30, 2005, University President John DeGioia attended the groundbreaking of Multi-Sport Field alongside a host of alumni, students, and Athletics Department officials. Fifteen years, four months, and 26... Read more

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Somber yet charming, Hollow Knight is my favorite game in years

There’s nothing more enticing than a story about the unknown. The reward and exhilaration that come from asking questions about things we don’t understand, then daring to uncover the answers,... Read more


On falling in love with a dead author

I did not expect to fall in love with a dead author amid a global pandemic and a social revolution. Yet here we are. And how beautiful it is to be here.


September Digital Issue

Hello readers! This is undeniably a strange semester for everyone. We at the Voice have tried to keep our content coming all summer and during the school year, such as with... Read more


Sharp D.C. homicide spike as total crime rates go down

In early July, D.C.’s homicide rate gained attention as the murder count for the District exceeded 100 people. That number was 23 percent higher than the homicide count in D.C.... Read more


Residential ministers relocate but maintain connection with students

Residential ministers (RMs) moved out of their dormitories and into alternative housing last week at the request of Georgetown University residential staff.  The residential staff decided to move RMs in... Read more


Busted Stuff: Episode 5 – GREB

Tommy and John discuss whether they have ever been vibed at a turkey trot. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify... Read more

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A Case for the Classics: 2000’s rom-coms

Here’s a take you probably haven’t heard in a while: 2000’s era romantic comedies are the best era of movies. Sure, you have your 80’s John Hughes films, your sci-fi... Read more

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BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez Create a Pastel Summer Fantasy with “Ice Cream”

BLACKPINK has been making waves since they debuted in 2016 with their rap heavy, “girl-crush” singles, “Whistle” and “Boombayah”. Members Jisoo Kim, Jennie Kim, Rosé Park, and Lisa Manoban rose... Read more


Georgetown graduate workers’ union seeks arbitration over COVID-19 concerns, says university violated contract

The Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees (GAGE) announced that it was pursuing arbitration with university administrators over bargaining disputes regarding COVID-19 protections for graduate workers on Sept. 18.  The union... Read more


GU Politics Fellows share thoughts on Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, working with Hoyas

This fall, the Georgetown University Institute of Politics and Public Service is hosting its largest class of fellows since its founding in 2015. The Voice spoke with the fellows on... Read more


On-campus students attempt to form community amid rising cases

The approximately 500 students on Georgetown’s campus are navigating not only a rigorous COVID-19 testing schedule and the burden of virtual school but also the challenge of forming a community... Read more


Phoebe Bridgers’s Punisher radiates authenticity and wistfulness

Quarantine peaked for me when I was watching Phoebe Bridgers perform in shooting-star pajamas and a skeleton costume while promoting her latest album, Punisher (2020). In her performance of “Kyoto”... Read more

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All caught up with the Kardashians

“Kim, there’s people that are dying,” would probably be most people’s reactions if I told them I shed a tear after learning that the iconic reality TV show, Keeping Up... Read more


GUSA Senate election sees success of progressive candidates

Progressive candidates largely dominated in this year’s GUSA Senate elections, according to official results released by the Election Commission on Sept. 20. The election came amid public internal criticisms of... Read more


SFS explains plans to implement its commitment to global anti-racism

After spending the summer releasing statements about its dedication to principles of anti-racism and inclusion, Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service (SFS) is beginning to take steps towards concrete change. Professor... Read more


Amid COVID-19 pandemic, new initiative launches to predict emerging viruses

The Viral Emergence Research Initiative (Verena) was launched by two members of the Georgetown community in May as a way to enhance the ability of the scientific community to predict... Read more


Busted Stuff: Episode 4 – The Slap

Doktor Specht teaches John to [REDACTED]. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Tenet is hard to see, and even harder to review

Movies are back! Well, they are according to this instantly iconic clip of Tom Cruise going to the theater to see Christopher Nolan’s newest film, Tenet (2020). The bizarre video... Read more


America’s “forever prison:” Berkley Center hosts discussion on the politics of Guantánamo Bay

“It has become a forever prison, with forever prisoners, in the forever war,” Karen Greenberg said of Guantánamo Bay during a discussion on the politics and morals of the detention... Read more

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Trailer Takes: Enola Holmes, She’s in Portland, Alone

Trailer 1 — She’s In Portland (2020) Sophie: This movie feels so familiar and ordinary that it could have come from any script at a random Starbucks in Los Angeles.... Read more


Meet the candidates vying to represent the class of 2024 in the GUSA Senate

Twenty-five candidates for the GUSA Senate seats representing the Class of 2024 spoke at a virtual candidate forum event on Sept. 16. The candidates each gave a short introduction to... Read more