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Broken Ankles and Barriers to Accessibility: Reflections from a Skater-Turned-Scooter Girl

Breaking an ankle is awful enough; breaking an ankle on the infamously inaccessible campus of Georgetown University appeared to be a death sentence.


Lesbian bars are adapting to survive. In D.C., As You Are Bar is leading that charge.

Upon visiting As You Are Bar, Ai had a revelation. For the first time in over 30 years, she was dining out without anxiety. “It’s enough that I have to... Read more


What’s next for colleges paying reparations for slavery?

During Nile Blass’s (COL ’22) freshman year at Georgetown, students voted to establish a semesterly reconciliation fee of $27.20 per student. The money raised from the fee, about $400,000 a... Read more


For ESG investing to succeed, it needs to die

While ESG is often hailed as a transformational movement, shifting investors’ focus from pure profit to the greater good, today’s ESG movement is an irredeemably flawed way of doing so.


On the brink of Roe reversal, we must strengthen pro-choice arguments

Those affected by the loss of Roe have no obligation or duty to convince their opponents that they should change their minds—just living with the new reality is enough—but for those who do choose to take up this mantle, it simply isn’t enough to rely on those same arguments you put to friends who already agree with you.


Following racist tweets and internal investigation, GULC professor and administrator resigns

Ilya Shapiro resigned from his role at the Georgetown University Law Center after a university investigation into a series of racist tweets.


Fire Island puts the Pride in Pride and Prejudice, to generally successful results

Rejecting the author’s heteronormativity, Fire Island centers the titular vacation spot known for its celebration of gay life.


State Champs’ Kings of the New Age artfully improves on what makes pop punk captivating

State Champs’ Kings of the New Age (2022) is an anthemic punk album ready-made for summer—all while being a life-affirming, thoughtful dive into issues of love, loss, paranoia, and moving... Read more

Halftime Leisure

A pop star in her element, Rina Sawayama dazzles at the Howard Theater

Rina Sawayama is an artist who belongs in stadiums. While the pandemic put a damper on her rise to stardom, Sawayama’s return to the stage comes at an exciting time... Read more

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Goodbye Hyper Scape. You were bad but I loved you.

My favorite battle royale is dead. It died, officially, on January 27th 2022, at 5:00 EST, when Ubisoft announced that it would be shut down on April 28th. It was... Read more


Frequent false fire alarms in Harbin pose serious safety concerns

For months, the first-year residents of Harbin Hall have been woken by false fire alarms at all hours of the night.


In the hours and days after Roe v. Wade opinion leaked, students gather at the Supreme Court

On the night of May 2, students rallied in front of the Supreme Court in protest of the draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade.


Georgetown Hotel to lay off employees without severance pay, become transition housing

The Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center is set to lay off all its employees without termination or severance pay by June 30.

Halftime Sports

Brittney Griner has been stuck in Russia for months. Here’s what you need to know.

Content warning: Discussion of homophobia and state violence.   When WNBA player Brittney Griner touched down in Russia for another season of the Russian Premier League, she had no idea... Read more


Let’s Talk About Fight Club: GU Club Boxing hosts first showcase since 2019

Stepping into the boxing ring on April 23, Camilla Sigmund (COL ’23) had four goals on her mind: avoid a concussion, keep her footwork strong, breathe slowly, and prevent her... Read more


Rx (2022) shows ROLE MODEL revived in a whirl of passion, devotion, and vibrant sensation

Rx surges forth in a journey from struggle and vulnerability toward a place just as open and honest, but cushioned by love.


Grief is the ghost we don’t know how to talk about

Healing from grief is a necessary life skill, both in that it is a part of life, and requisite to a healthy one.


After years of activism, student advocates reflect on exhaustion

For the activists on campus, who organize for increased student resources and university accountability, exhaustion is pervasive.


Vote for progressive D.C. challengers on June 21!

We judged candidates by their stances on issues we care about—housing justice, workers’ rights, and policing practices.

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10 songs to take you back 10 years, because music peaked in 2012

You read the headline. You kept reading. You’re looking for some 2012 bops. Let’s get on with the list.

News Commentary

How the medical housing process reinforces ableism at Georgetown

There’s an unmatched agony I associate with the university housing process.


Nearly 41 years in, the White House Peace Vigil perseveres

Philipos Melaku-Bello and local activists maintain the 24-hour Peace Vigil, an anti-war protest site that has protested since 1981.


Love Letter, Hate Mail: Making meaning at Georgetown

In truth, my college experience has not been the reverie that I imagined.


Violet Brings Faith, Hope, and Music to Georgetown’s Davis Center

The strong dichotomy between hope and tragedy in the narrative and Gleason's impactful directorial choices turned the show into a beautiful, lingering memory. 


D.C.’s renewed Emancipation Day celebration marks 160th anniversary

People gathered in the city to celebrate 160 years of emancipation in Washington, D.C., after two years of postponed Emancipation Day events.