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Vice-speaker of the GUSA Senate resigns

Sen. Eric Lipka (COL ’23), the Vice-speaker of the GUSA Senate, resigned both his position in the Senate and his position in leadership on July 9th.  According to Lipka, he... Read more

Halftime Sports

Mock drafting Seattle’s NHL expansion team

NHL Seattle is slated to make its expansion draft selections about one year from now ahead of their inaugural season in 2021-22. Whether COVID-19 will push those dates back is... Read more


Transfer students ask Georgetown for consideration in fall plan

When Georgetown announced its Fall 2020 plan on July 6, Sheila Cruz-Morales (COL ’22) and her sister, Melanie (COL ’22) noticed something—they, along with over 100 other incoming transfer students,... Read more


An open letter to my fellow white friends: Let’s talk about race.

Speaking out against racism is more than an action. It is a process of recognizing the ways in which white people contribute to and benefit from institutional and societal racism. It is a process of realizing feeling guilty is a privilege—that Black people and other people of color have been living with the effects of this racism for their entire lives. 


To support vulnerable students, a tuition decrease is not the answer

By supporting a tuition decrease, we put countless faculty and staff members at risk. We deplete already-scant resources that help level the academic and social playing field for socioeconomically disadvantaged students like myself who depend on tuition revenues for funding. Ultimately, we risk undoing much of the progress made over the last five decades towards creating a more diverse and inclusive Georgetown community.  


GUSA Senate condemns blog post written by a Georgetown student

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution condemning the message of a blog post written by Georgetown student William Mitchell Torgerson (COL ’22) at their meeting on July 6.  The post... Read more


Georgetown announces Fall 2020 plans

This plan is no longer in effect. An article on the new plan can be found here.  The university will open campus in a very limited capacity this fall, with... Read more


Low homeownership is just one barrier Black D.C. residents face

Despite being a city with a historically high Black population, Washington, D.C. is by some metrics one of the worst places in the country for Black homeowners today.  Looking at... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: GUSA

This article is part of a series of explainer pieces by the Voice on some of the most important topics on campus. Other articles in the series can be found... Read more

On The Pandemic

On The Pandemic: How COVID-19 affects international graduate students

"In light of these struggles, the COVID-19 pandemic has made me question the university’s real commitment to the global character it parades around."


Remembering Carl Reiner, comedy legend and Georgetown alum

Carl Reiner, the actor, writer, director, and producer, died at the age of 98 on June 29. He died of natural causes in his home in Beverly Hills, according to... Read more


Amid GUSA resolution and student petition, alumni ambassador decides to resign

CW: This article discusses allegations of sexual assault and harassment.  In a rare move, the GUSA Senate called an emergency meeting the night of June 29 to rewrite a piece... Read more


GUSA Senate releases demographic data

Black students, women, and trans and non-binary individuals are underrepresented in Georgetown’s student Senate, according to an internal demographic survey conducted by GUSA.  The survey, which GUSA senators filled out... Read more


GUSA calls for expansion of fall work-study opportunities

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling for Georgetown to expand work-study options for the fall semester at their meeting on June 28. The resolution noted that many common work-study... Read more


Address Racism in Journalism

As global demonstrations against racial injustice continue into their fourth week, the breadth of inequities being protested against has expanded far beyond the police brutality that ended the lives of... Read more


Students push for environmental studies major

Despite Georgetown’s offerings of majors in biology, chemistry, and other sciences, the College only offers a minor in environmental studies.  Students aiming to pursue the subject are currently limited to... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Contraceptive access on campus

This article is part of a series of explainer pieces by the Voice on some of the most important topics on campus. Other articles in the series can be found... Read more


Popping the Georgetown Bubble

"My classmates would walk around with thousand-dollar winter coats, wear designer bags, and avoid Leo’s at their every convenience. Meanwhile, I added three jobs to my plate and was juggling more than I could handle. Going from classes in Walsh to shifts in Reynolds (a hike), I often found it near impossible to ever leave the Bubble or even to discover any clubs I was passionate about."


Love in the time of coronavirus

Coronavirus has ruined my love life.  Not that it was exactly booming before quarantine orders descended. But I had three dates lined up after spring break, which obviously all went... Read more


I’m a survivor. And no, your policies aren’t enough.

"Georgetown and its students say survivors are not alone. We write it on the walls of our buildings and host rallies and shout together, but what will you do when the perpetrator is your friend or partner? What will you do when rejecting them means a major change in your life? What will you do when empowering a survivor is inconvenient for you? What will you do when your student organization is enabling abusers? What action will you actually, truly take to make sure a survivor is not alone?"


Call to action for commitment to global anti-racism leads to reflection in SFS

Content warning: This article discusses instances of oppression of Black individuals.  Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service is committed to the inclusion of global anti-racism as a core principle, according to... Read more

On The Pandemic

On The Pandemic: The dangers of the news using war metaphors

In discussions about COVID-19, it is the military metaphors that are the most dangerous. War metaphors related to COVID-19 are overused and often inaccurate, and descriptions of the pandemic should instead turn to non-violent metaphors that emphasize the need for community and perseverance.


Georgetown University, GUSA Senate recognize Juneteenth

Content warning: This article mentions police brutality, violence, and racist comments against Black individuals.  Georgetown will observe June 19 as an official holiday every year, University President John DeGioia announced... Read more


Threading: How my eyebrows have been a window to my soul

No matter the answer, my previous “cure” for my hair was one of many small things I took for granted, and one of the many small habits that I, like many others, didn’t realize I valued until they were gone.


D.C. takes the next step towards reopening

Washington D.C. will begin Phase Two of reopening from the shutdown caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus on June 22, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on June 19. Phase... Read more