Austin Stollhaus


Freedom and Remembrance: The Problem with Memorializing

If you walk through Rosslyn, Virginia, out of the tiny downtown and over the freeway, you can see the U.S. Marine Corp memorial at the trailhead of Arlington National Cemetery.... Read more


Burning Issues: Why Republicans Need Trump

I’ll admit, I was hesitant to put my real name on this column. I worry I’m starting to come off as that rarest of Georgetown students, the Trump apologist. Let... Read more


Burning Issues: The #Chalkening

The death knell of irony may have officially sounded last month. In the wee hours of April Fool’s Day, a group of students slipped out of Darnall Hall to execute... Read more


Burning Issues: Living Civilly

As housing season kicks into gear once more and new waves of Hoyas find out, to their dismay, that they’ll be living in VCW next year, the last few people... Read more


Burning Issues: Board to Death

Last week a group of GU students crossed cultural lines and borders to give a public demonstration of why we can’t have nice things. It all started when Students for... Read more


Burning Issues: Rhodes Gone Wrong

On Feb 15th, students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa started a riot. They vandalized statues, set fire to college transports, firebombed a vice-chancellor’s office, and burnt several... Read more


Burning Issues: Unpaid and Unethical

Every Hoya has heard of the Hillternship. The opportunity to work at Capitol Hill itself, serving under the legislators who make the running of this country possible. It looks great... Read more