Christine Ji

Christine is a senior in the MSB majoring in Finance and minoring in History. She harbors unhinged opinions on goldfish, Garfield, and The Strokes.


Broken Ankles and Barriers to Accessibility: Reflections from a Skater-Turned-Scooter Girl

Breaking an ankle is awful enough; breaking an ankle on the infamously inaccessible campus of Georgetown University appeared to be a death sentence.

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The Weekly List: The top five underground clothing brands you need to check out

Enjoy curating your totally unique and quirky, not-like-other-girls look with the indie brands below. 

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Charli XCX pours a shot of liquid confidence with her new single “Baby”

“Baby” is the latest piece of evidence of her ability to continually innovate and expand her sound. 

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Weezer’s White Album (2016) is the perfect spring break soundtrack

If you’re looking for an album to accompany you on your respite from the stress of Georgetown academics this spring break, look no further than Weezer’s White Album (2016).

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100 gecs is glorious, excessive—and the future of music

Jargon aside, it’s clear that 1000 gecs is a delightful smorgasbord of excessive noise, and I am absolutely obsessed. 

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The Weekly List: Top five Mitski songs to help you cope with how lonely you are on Valentine’s Day

Without further ado, here are the top five Mitski songs that will provide the perfect background music to your holiday-fueled existential spiral. 

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Lucy Dacus revisits bittersweet memories in new single “Kissing Lessons”

Lucy Dacus has done it again on her new single “Kissing Lessons.” By “it” I mean that she has, in her signature style, taken a seemingly mundane moment of the... Read more

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Albums we love: Phrazes for the Young

The year 2022 marks the upcoming thirteenth anniversary of Julian Casablancas’ debut solo album Phrazes for the Young (2009). Why is this significant? It’s not, really; I just wanted a... Read more

On The Pandemic

On the Pandemic: A Buddhist Approach to Pandemic Grocery Shopping

"The stressful process of grocery shopping and coronavirus-induced anxiety, in general, may reduce our ability to think clearly, but Buddhism can provide insight into managing our thoughts and actions."