Dajour Evans

is a senior in the College and former leisure editor for The Georgetown Voice. She is an English major and a film and media studies minor who actually knows nothing about film and media.


The Reel Pulpit: Marvel’s Black Panther

In this episode of The Reel Pulpit, hosts Graham Piro and Dajour Evans are joined by Sienna Brancato to discuss Marvel’s latest film, Black Panther. One of the most talked about and... Read more


The Reel Pulpit: Oscars Predictions and Picks

In this episode of The Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro, Dajour Evans, and Eman Rahman convene once again, discussing the Academy Awards. They dive into their choices and predictions for the hotly... Read more


Beyond the Screen: The Brightest Witch of Her Age

“Hermione was that perfect example of turning on its head this initial prejudice that she gets… Hermione is the one with the plan. She’s in control.”  -Emma Watson The Harry... Read more

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A Look at the 2018 Oscar Nominations

This week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, with the help of Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis, presented the nominees for the 2018 Academy Awards. This year was... Read more


Reel Pulpit: Best of 2017

In this episode of the Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro is joined by his new cohost, Halftime Leisure Assistant Dajour Evans, and Halftime Leisure Assistant Eman Rahman, to discuss their favorite movies from... Read more


Beyond the Screen: How Skam’s Greatest Romance Touched the World

“Whether you believe in Allah or Jesus or evolution or parallel universes, there is only one thing we know for sure. That life is… now” – Isak Valtersen In 2015,... Read more

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Black Mirror: Top 5 Episodes

Black Mirror is one of the most intelligent shows out today. Created in 2011 by Charlie Brooker, the science fiction anthology series contains standalone episodes that deal with often satirical,... Read more

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2018 Golden Globes: Thoughts on the TV Nominations

This week, the Golden Globes announced their film and television nominations. I’ve decided to take a look at the latter, and discuss my reactions, thoughts, and everything in between. But... Read more


Reel Pulpit: Stranger Things Episode!

In this episode of The Reel Pulpit, Graham Piro, Alex Boyd, Mica Bernhard, and Dajour Evans serve some well-aged hot takes on the second season of Stranger Things, available now on... Read more


“Just Keep Swimming”

I watch a lot of movies and television. In fact, I pride myself on my binge-watching ability. My favorite thing to do is curl up in bed, snacks handy and... Read more