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<i>The Miracle Season</i> is Average, But in a Good Way

The Miracle Season is Average, But in a Good Way


There is a genre of film, often based on true stories, that is characterized by its coupling of heart-wrenching tragedies with inspirational tales of hope and redemption. The Miracle Season fits within this formulaic mold, but as far as tragedy-turned-triumph movies go, the film is a positive representation of cinema of its kind. Directed by…

Office Hours: Joe Sonza

Office Hours: Joe Sonza


Joe Sonza (COL ’19) expects a lot from himself. “I bombed yesterday,” he said of his set for the Voice. “I was not pleased at all with my performance.” The crowd in the Voice office didn’t notice, enthusiastically applauding his alternatingly soft and intense acoustic performance. Sonza’s reaction illustrates his philosophy on performance: He’s laid…

By Order of the <i>Peaky Blinders</i>

By Order of the Peaky Blinders


Peaky Blinders (2013) is a show that isn’t underrated at all, but rather is talked about only by people who have seen it—you either know it and love it or you haven’t even heard of it. I have made it my life’s mission to tell as many people as possible about what I consider to…

<i>Thoroughbreds</i> Gives Insight into What Makes a Killer

Thoroughbreds Gives Insight into What Makes a Killer


Thoroughbreds is a story about bad girls. Directed by Cory Finley, the film revolves around two friends—both rich white girls who live in mansions and drive expensive cars—and their odd friendship. Amanda, portrayed by Olivia Cooke, is an apparent  sociopath; she feels no emotions whatsoever. The other, Lily, brilliantly portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy (who some…

When Terrorism Hits Close to Home

When Terrorism Hits Close to Home


I remember when the news broke about the shooter at the Bataclan concert venue and the explosions at the Stade de France. I didn’t handle it well. I’m French, and most of my family lives in Paris. For hours, I was shaking and checking the news and my phone every other minute—even after I had…

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