Kenneth Boggess

Kenny Boggess is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service. He is enthusiastic about Tchaikovsky, dark chocolate, and Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” series.

DC News

How a bar plans to bring the D.C. community together with a train

Metrobar aims to serve its guests in an accessible environment where Washingtonians can engage with the District’s artistic community.


The Georgetown Marriage Pact: A match made in data?

More than 2,300 Hoyas took a chance to find their match through the Georgetown Marriage Pact in March, with varying degrees of success.


Law enforcement prepares for the possibility of a second round of D.C. attacks

Law enforcement officials are bracing for a potential second round of violence, after reports of alleged plans by white-supremacists.


Georgetown’s WeWork partnership kicks off successfully despite criticisms

Georgetown’s partnership with the shared workspace company WeWork aimed to give many students much-needed study space.


Ex-FBI officer hired to teach counterintelligence

Peter Strzok (SFS ‘91), a former FBI special agent fired in 2018 for sending text messages critical of President Donald Trump to a coworker, has been hired to teach at Georgetown.