Kenneth Lee


Students chalk Red Square in support of sexual assault survivors

Students chalked Red Square with messages in support of the #IStandWithWilla #IStandWithSurivors social media campaign on Friday afternoon in the wake of a widely shared op-ed published in The Hoya.... Read more

Living at Georgetown

The four freshman dorms

After you’ve chosen, or left up to fate, your roommate, the University assigns you to live in one of four freshmen dorms in early August. It doesn’t really matter whether you made... Read more

Prefrosh Preview

Every conversation you’ll have at NSO

Six years ago, the Voice made a flowchart predicting every conversation you’ll have at New Student Orientation. Six years later, everything still rings true. (click to embiggen) The moral of the story... Read more


Buying your textbooks

As a college student, you’ll easily find yourself cash-strapped in pretty much every living moment. One way to try and preserve the dwindling balance in your checking account is to... Read more

D.C. Living

D.C.’s internship scene

To enroll in Georgetown is to live in what is becoming one of the most dynamic and attractive metropolitan areas for young professionals in the country. There’s a reason why you’ll... Read more

D.C. Living

Transportation and getting around in D.C.

For reasons ranging from Georgetown’s small campus footprint to our prickly relationship with our rich and influential neighborhood residents, you can’t bring a car onto campus. So don’t go asking... Read more

D.C. Living

Off-campus restaurants you could use

As the semester goes on, pretty much every Hoya gets tired of Leo’s or Epicurean. However, every Hoya should be grateful by the fact that they live in one of... Read more

Living at Georgetown

The world of Leo’s and on-campus dining

If you’ve ever toured Georgetown with Blue and Gray, you might have heard student tour guides wax lyrical about Leo O’Donovan Hall, the only dining hall on campus. Whether you... Read more

Living at Georgetown

CHARMS and choosing your roommate

Sure, college applications were hard. Maybe you didn’t dream about being a Hoya, but now you find yourself painting the town gray and blue. And now you have your first... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Closet Otaku: The embedded misogyny of Sword Art Online

I no longer feel comfortable with Sword Art Online’s very existence. SAO is based on a fascinating science fiction premise. A mysterious video game developer, Kayaba Akihiko, decides to trap... Read more