<i>The Lighthouse</i> Masters Madness

The Lighthouse Masters Madness


Max and Robert Eggers’ film The Lighthouse (2019), although described as a horror movie, is more disturbing than frightful. Set in the nineteenth century, the film features Robert Pattinson as Ephraim Winslow, a former timberman who has taken a four-week job on a small New England island to help maintain its lighthouse. Willem Dafoe plays…

Man Man and GRLwood Bring Energy and Oddity to the Black Cat

Man Man and GRLwood Bring Energy and Oddity to the Black Cat


Picture six men in sparkling purple cloaks playing various obscure instruments beside a disembodied deer head enshrined in flowers. This image perfectly captures the mood of indie rock group Man Man’s performance at the Black Cat on Oct 2. Man Man is a Philadelphia-based band often described as experimental, though in an interview with CLTure,…

Critical Voices: <i>Ode to Joy</i>, Wilco

Critical Voices: Ode to Joy, Wilco


With Wilco’s new album Ode to Joy, the alt-rock band explores the relationship between love and pain with hazy vocals, wandering lyrics, and eclectic instrumentals. Although never explicitly political, Ode to Joy is deeply tied with the current cultural moment with lines like, “For all the people that I am not / And all their…

Georgetown Art gallery features trash turned art

Georgetown Art gallery features trash turned art


Georgetown’s Maria and Alberto de la Cruz Art Gallery unveiled a new exhibition, Design Transfigured/Waste Reimagined, on Oct. 2. The exhibition, curated by the firm CuratorSquared, explores the ways in which waste materials can be used for functional purposes. The exhibition presented a cup molded from food waste, purses made from byproducts of coconut farming,…

Critical Voices: <i>NINE</i>, blink-182

Critical Voices: NINE, blink-182


Fart jokes have long been a part of blink-182’s persona, a juvenile yet iconic mechanism for assuring that even when they convey heartfelt emotion, the band can’t quite take themselves too seriously. They couldn’t even wait to release their ninth studio album, appropriately named NINE, without putting this knee jerk reaction to sentimentality on full…

Critical Voices: <i>III</i>, The Lumineers

Critical Voices: III, The Lumineers


Meditative at times and raw at others, the Lumineers’ minimalistically-titled third studio album III is perhaps the band’s most cohesive narrative in record form. Told in three chapters, III painstakingly crafts a story about family addiction, all the while maintaining their sonic signature. Audiences should expect musical continuity between III and its discographic siblings, but…

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