Grimes Celebrates Darker Sound and Gothic Doom in <i>Miss Anthropocene</i>

Grimes Celebrates Darker Sound and Gothic Doom in Miss Anthropocene


In the aftermath of her transition from a DIY, counter-culture feminist to Elon Musk’s goth popstar girlfriend, Grimes has released Miss Anthropocene (2020). Though her ecological thesis gets lost in her nihilistic translation, Miss Anthropocene registers as an accomplished culmination of her sound’s development before and since its acceptance in the mainstream music scene.  Grimes…

Cunning and Absurd: <i>EMMA.</i> Finds Meaning in Frivolity

Cunning and Absurd: EMMA. Finds Meaning in Frivolity


“I would like to see Emma in love. And in some doubt of a return. It would do her good.” In one of his first on-screen appearances, Mr. Knightley (Johnny Flynn) speaks boldly of Emma’s selfishness—the two equally headstrong individuals seeking, perhaps futilely, to humble each other. A sparkling combination of hilarity, candidness, and frivolity,…

Beach Bunny Combines Intimate Narratives With Uplifting Indie Pop In <i>Honeymoon</i>

Beach Bunny Combines Intimate Narratives With Uplifting Indie Pop In Honeymoon


Beach Bunny’s debut album, Honeymoon (2020), isn’t revolutionary, but the bright blast of indie pop is a refreshingly sincere addition to a genre that can be riddled with clichés. Lili Trifilio, a 23-year-old, Chicago-based songwriter, rose to prominence under the pseudonym Beach Bunny after releasing her 2018 single “Prom Queen”. The track prods at Trifilio’s…

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