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DC News

Initiative 82, which will raise wages for tipped workers, passes in the District

Initiative 82 passed with overwhelming support, meaning the tipped minimum wage will gradually increase to $16.10.


Georgetown students call for classes to be canceled on Election Day

 A petition calling for professors to cancel classes and reduce the amount of homework students must complete on Election Day this year has gathered 223 signatures as of Sept. 29.... Read more


Students Struggle for Absentee Ballot Access

Andrew Straky wants you to cast your ballot this November. Straky (COL ’20) is a co-president of GU Votes, a program within the GU Institute of Politics and Public Service... Read more


Preserve Ballot Access and Vote, Dammit!

On Nov. 6, voters will go to the polls for Election Day 2018. While pundits often decry young voters’ poor turnout, being a college student provides extra challenges to voting,... Read more