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UPDATED: University promises action on GU 272; student advocacy group remains skeptical

The following story has been updated to include clarification from a university spokesperson and ensuing response from the GUSA BOD representatives.  Members of the Georgetown administration promised a plan to... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: The GU272

Since Georgetown University’s long history with slavery re-entered public view five years ago, faculty, administrators, student activists, and descendants of those enslaved by the Jesuits have grappled with the significance... Read more


“Unlike Any Other Class”: AMST 272 Confronts Georgetown’s History with Slavery

Perched inside the window of GUSA’s Leavey Center office, there is a sign reading “This school exists because of slavery.” These words, written in a burst of red permanent marker,... Read more


“Hidden Gem” American Studies major celebrates 50 years

This year, the American Studies Program is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The program, founded in 1969, emerged to address students’ questions about race, gender, nationalism, and other issues prevalent in... Read more


Students Call For Action on GU272 Referendum

When the university’s board of directors met on Oct. 3 at the Georgetown hotel and conference center, chants from dozens of student protestors echoed through the ballroom walls. “Respect our... Read more


Students vote to create reconciliation fund for GU272 descendants

A referendum to recommend the creation of a reconciliation fund to benefit descendants of people enslaved by Georgetown University passed on April 12. The referendum recommends the establishment of a... Read more


Claiming a Misrepresentation of Maringouin, This Descendant Opposes the GU272 Referendum

Georgetown students are voting on a referendum to add a $27.20 per semester fee to fund projects benefiting the descendants of the 272 enslaved people sold by the university in... Read more


Vote Yes on the GU272 Referendum

This Thursday, April 11, students will have the opportunity to vote on the GU272 referendum.  The referendum, if passed, would demonstrate student support for creating a reconciliation fund to benefit... Read more


272 Reconciliation Contribution Referendum Passes GUSA Senate

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling for a referendum to create a reconciliation contribution to be provided to programs to benefit the descendants of the 272 slaves who were... Read more


GUSA Senate tables resolution on 272 reparations referendum

The GUSA Senate tabled a resolution calling for a referendum to be put to the student body concerning a reconciliation contribution to be distributed to the descendents of the 272... Read more


272 referendum resolution passes committee, moves to senate vote

The GUSA Senate Ways and Means Committee unanimously passed a resolution calling for a referendum to be put to the student body on implementing a reconciliation contribution for descendents of... Read more


GUSA passes resolution urging university to take further action on 272

The GUSA senate unanimously passed a resolution urging Georgetown to create a memorial to the 272 enslaved people sold by the university in 1838 at its Nov. 11 meeting. The... Read more


Georgetown slave descendants seek reparations from university

A group of descendants of the 272 slaves sold by Georgetown University in 1838 to keep the university afloat have renewed their calls asking for monetary reparations from the school.... Read more