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International students push for stronger support amid fall semester uncertainty

A petition on behalf of the international students of Georgetown was sent to the university’s administration on May 19, urging them to acknowledge and address the unique challenges the international... Read more


GUSA Senate passes resolutions addressing university COVID-19 response

The GUSA Senate passed three pieces of legislation, two of which addressed Georgetown’s response to COVID-19, at their meeting on May 24.  The first piece of legislation was a resolution... Read more


GUSA Senate supports SAO Code of Conduct policy proposal

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution to support the Student Advocacy Office’s (SAO) proposal to create a timeline for the disciplinary process for Code of Student Conduct violations at its... Read more


FinApp Appeals sees increased funding for SAC, other advisory boards

The Student Activities Commission (SAC) received an additional $43,500 in funding from the GUSA Financial Appropriations Committee (FinApp). This increase came after displeasure with the original funding allocation was voiced... Read more


Students Respond to GUSA Club Funding Proposals

More than 25 students crowded into the GUSA Senate meeting on March 1 to protest club budget cuts announced after the GUSA Budget summit.  At the summit, which was held... Read more


Big Structural Reform for GUSA

Georgetown students don’t care about GUSA. They don’t think GUSA does anything, they don’t see GUSA as a tool for solving their problems, and they stereotype the people in GUSA... Read more


Students pass three referenda

The Georgetown student body voted to pass three referenda in the Feb. 5 GUSA election, the GUSA Election Commission tweeted at 12:10 am.  The first referendum, the GU Fossil Free... Read more


GUSA Vice Presidential Candidates Debate Prior to Election

Content Warning: This article references sexual assault Two GUSA vice presidential candidates debated their campaigns’ platforms on Feb. 4 following the GUSA presidential debate on Feb. 3. The debate comes... Read more


Vote Gonzalez Porras and Figueroa-Flores For Fundamental Change

After meeting with all three tickets in this year’s GUSA executive election, this editorial board is endorsing the ticket that truly inspired us. Arisaid Gonzalez Porras (COL ’21) and Anahi... Read more


Why We Need the Student Empowerment Fund

We, as students, negotiate with the University administration every day, and time and time again we have learned a simple lesson: money talks. It’s time for us to invest in... Read more


GUSA presidential candidates debate sustainability, mental health, diversity

Content Warning: The article references sexual assault The three candidates for GUSA president, Nicolo Ferretti (SFS ’21), Arisaid Gonzalez Porras (COL ’21), and Joshua Marín-Mora (SFS ’21) took the stage... Read more


Students to Vote in Three Referendums on GUSA Ballot

On the upcoming GUSA election ballot, students will vote on three referendums, two of which pertain to sustainability. Though the referendums will not bind the university to action, they present... Read more


On the Record: GUSA Candidates Nico Ferretti and Bryce Badger

The Voice sat down with GUSA executive ticket Nico Ferretti (SFS ’21) and Bryce Badger (MSB ’21) to discuss their past experiences in GUSA and their platform of sustainability, inclusivity,... Read more


On the Record: GUSA Candidates Arisaid Gonzalez Porras and Anahi Figueroa-Flores

The Voice sat down with GUSA executive ticket Arisaid Gonzalez Porras (COL ’21) and Anahi Figueroa-Flores (COL ’21) to discuss their platform of prioritizing low-income, first-generation students of color ahead... Read more


On the Record: GUSA Candidate Joshua Marín-Mora

The Voice sat down with GUSA presidential candidate Joshua Marín-Mora (SFS ’21) to discuss his platform of sexual assault prevention, mental health advocacy, accessibility, and sustainability, as well as the... Read more


Three leave tickets for GUSA exec

Content Warning: References to Sexual Assault  Julio Salermon-Perla (SFS ’22) announced on Feb. 3 that he would be suspending his campaign for the GUSA Executive. This comes on the heels... Read more


“Not A Luxury, A Right”: Menstrual Equity On Georgetown’s Campus

Having a period comes with a hidden struggle rooted in shame. We discreetly slip a pad or a tampon in our pockets, moving tactfully not to draw attention to the... Read more


GUSA Executive to require demographic data

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution at its Dec. 8 meeting to require applicants for positions in the GUSA Executive to submit anonymous demographic data. According Sen. Leo Teixeira (COL... Read more


Petition for Permanent Off-Campus Mental Health Fund Circulates

A petition is circulating to collect student support for the conversion of the student mental health fund to an endowment of $100,000 in order to ensure its continuity. The endowment... Read more


GUSA Executive discusses midterm achievements

GUSA President Norman Francis Jr. (COL ’20) sat down with the Voice to evaluate the performance of the GUSA Executive at the midway point of his tenure. Due to scheduling... Read more