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Being the Ricardos (2021) is emblematic of today’s awards season. Here’s why that needs to change

Being the Ricardos is so fast-paced, so thematically unfocused, and so unconcerned that it gives Lucy no dimensional backstory.


“Earn Your Place”: Bombshell Explores the Harsh Realities of Workplace Sexual Harassment

As the elevator descends to the second floor, three women stand side by side, an eerie series of staccato notes being sung in the background. They face forward, arms clasped... Read more


Hana Vu Plays the Starring Role in Double EP Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway

Hana Vu is busy. Between a West Coast tour opening for Nilufer Yanya and the release of her double EP, Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway (2019) on Oct. 25, she... Read more

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O Aquaman, O Aquaman, Or 12 movies that made it possible

[Disclaimer: I am an aggressive Marvel fan, and in all fairness, probably should not have been allowed to review this movie. My phone lock screen is a high quality .png... Read more

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What to Binge Watch: Big Little Lies

A community of 1st grade mothers in Monterey, California meet murder mystery: perhaps not your average summer binge-watch session, but it’s definitely worth it for HBO’s Big Little Lies, a... Read more

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Trailer Takes: American Assassin, The Beguiled, and Wakefield

American Assassin – teaser trailer #1: Brynn: I think I’d rather watch American Assassin on the couch in my pajamas than rush to see it in the theaters. The suspenseful plot... Read more