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Lil Yachty’s Let’s Start Here. courageously ventures into uncharted waters

Let’s Start Here. is a groundbreaking and delightfully experimental soundscape that draws upon pop and psychedelic rock.


Demi Lovato’s return to the stage will leave you saying “Holy Fvck”

Lovato’s Holy Fvck tour is one of healing, catharsis, and rebirth, all delivered through her natural stage presence and breathtaking vocals. 


IDLES brings “hard rock for softies” to The Anthem

From their first album, 2017’s Brutalism, Bristol-based outfit IDLES established themselves as a punk band driven by one vital goal: cultivating joy and compassion in a painful and unjust world.


Hard rock band Greta Van Fleet fights its biggest critics in The Battle at Garden’s Gate

Greta Van Fleet is no stranger to living in the shadow of the great rock bands that came before them. Hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan, the band has been compared to... Read more


The Glorious Sons and Des Rocs Keep Rock ‘n’ Roll Alive at the 9:30 Club

Picture a guy that looks like a young Bob Dylan (after going electric) crossed with Timothée Chalamet sporting a Peaky Blinders haircut. Now picture that same guy, covered in sweat,... Read more


Critical Voices: Midland, Let it Roll

I’ll start by saying I don’t like country music. I always change the station when I hear it on the radio, and it doesn’t make me want to dance, party,... Read more


Critical Voices: Spoon, Hot Thoughts

Spoon, a rock band hailing from Austin, Texas, released their ninth studio album Hot Thoughts on March 17 through Matador Records. Twenty four years and nine albums later, Spoon has... Read more

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Twenty One Pilots Round 2

It seems I’ve started a tradition at Georgetown where my first article of the year, and my first concert of the year is Twenty One Pilots. Fresh off their sophomore... Read more

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John Lennon to Left Shark: A History of Pop Music

Millions of people across the country watch the Super Bowl halftime show every year, and Katy Perry’s recent one was no exception. However, once you got past the robot lion,... Read more

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Critical Voices: Billy Idol, Kings and Queens of the Underground

Famous for his signature lip snarl, sexual innuendo-ridden songs, and a seemingly endless leather wardrobe, Billy Idol is at it again with his latest album, Kings & Queens of the... Read more