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Critical Voices: Midland, <i>Let it Roll</i>

Critical Voices: Midland, Let it Roll


I’ll start by saying I don’t like country music. I always change the station when I hear it on the radio, and it doesn’t make me want to dance, party, or do any of the other things that country songs seem to be about. Somehow I stumbled upon Midland and their first album, On the…

Critical Voices: Spoon, <i>Hot Thoughts</i>

Critical Voices: Spoon, Hot Thoughts


Spoon, a rock band hailing from Austin, Texas, released their ninth studio album Hot Thoughts on March 17 through Matador Records. Twenty four years and nine albums later, Spoon has maintained relevance in the rock world by tapping into their ability to overlay multiple instruments into a sound that is at worst chaotic, but at…

Twenty One Pilots Round 2

Twenty One Pilots Round 2


It seems I’ve started a tradition at Georgetown where my first article of the year, and my first concert of the year is Twenty One Pilots. Fresh off their sophomore album, the duo from Ohio kicked off their Blurryface tour at D.C’s Echostage, a much bigger venue than last year’s 9:30 club. This change in…

John Lennon to Left Shark: A History of Pop Music

John Lennon to Left Shark: A History of Pop Music


Millions of people across the country watch the Super Bowl halftime show every year, and Katy Perry’s recent one was no exception. However, once you got past the robot lion, elaborate costumes, and left shark, the performance was really just a woman singing over computerized beats. That description sounds more critical than I mean it…

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