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Smithsonian museums struggle to keep national treasure above water

As a warming climate is projected to increase extreme weather events, museums face new collection conservation and sustainability challenges. 


Sustainability challenges at Leo’s incite student action

Leos has always created questions and confusion for students: what to eat? who to sit with? how to not sit alone? And now: where to throw away your waste after... Read more


One company’s push for sustainable shopping

Creating an urban, eco-friendly alternative to Amazon is no small task. With 77 percent of people wanting to learn how to live more sustainably, reducing personal waste is a growing... Read more


What does it mean to be a sustainable campus?

The answer to the fundamental question, "Can we, at this university, do our part to help our planet?" is looking more and more like a yes.


Can D.C. build bridges without breaking down community?

Redeveloping the bridge over the Anacostia River could attract jobs and support local businesses—or exacerbate the city’s housing crisis.


Georgetown announces partnership with ENGIE to meet sustainability goals

Georgetown announced a partnership with ENGIE North America to upgrade campus’s major utility, distribution, monitoring, and control systems.


Why Can’t I Have A Straw and Other Complicated Questions: Episode 2, Fashion Sustainability

Join Kayla and Maya in a discussion on sustainability in the fashion world, including a segment from an interview with Hannah Davis, founder of BANGS Shoes. Here is our resource guide!... Read more


Without staffing, Office of Sustainability faces uncertain future

The Office of Sustainability (OoS) is on pause due to a lack of staffing after the departure and movement of its full-time staff members.


Skip your red meat burger. Save the Earth.

Ideally, we'd systematically eliminate red meat entirely. Environment health depends on it. But this isn't an ideal world—so let's do the next best thing.


Georgetown announces plans to divest from fossil fuels

This post has been updated to include a statement from GUFF In an email to students on Thursday, university President John DeGioia announced that Georgetown’s Board of Directors approved a... Read more


Students to Vote in Three Referendums on GUSA Ballot

On the upcoming GUSA election ballot, students will vote on three referendums, two of which pertain to sustainability. Though the referendums will not bind the university to action, they present... Read more


Our Actions Matter Too: It’s Not Just an Administrative Concern

“When in doubt, throw it out,” reads a sign on the new recycling bins in the Intercultural Center. Over the past year, improvements in Georgetown University’s waste management systems, such... Read more


The Sun Also Rises: Georgetown’s Long and Complicated History of Solar Energy

Georgetown is currently facing backlash from environmentalists over a proposed off-campus solar project in La Plata, Maryland, which would require clearcutting over 200 acres of forest to make room for... Read more


New Pilot Program Aims to Improve Student Recycling

The university, in conjunction with Georgetown Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN), updated waste collection bin signage in the Southwest Quad and Village A as part of a pilot single-stream... Read more


Students Lead the Way for New Composting Options at Leo’s

As Georgetown University Student Association’s (GUSA)sustainability chair, Samantha Panchèvre (SFS ’19) knows that there is composting at Leo O’Donovan’s Dining Hall. But she also knows many students are unaware of... Read more


Transparency is Key for Sustainability Initiatives

The university has taken a variety of steps to reduce its environmental impact, including on- and off-campus solar projects to generate more renewable energy. While these plans are well-intentioned, issues... Read more


Georgetown Day Cup initiative to encourage recycling on campus

The GUSA Senate Sustainability Subcommittee and the Corp Green Initiative have partnered to sponsor the first Georgetown Day Cup competition to promote recycling and sustainability on campus April 25, the... Read more


Georgetown environmental groups come together for annual summit

A coalition of environmental student groups, academic departments, and University offices came together on Tuesday for the Georgetown Environmental Leaders Fall Summit, where they discussed how to foster a community... Read more