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A Quick Guide to D.C. Sports

An important part of settling into a new place is familiarizing yourself with the local sports teams. Washington D.C. has a rich professional sports environment, with teams from the MLB,... Read more

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An Ode to Washington’s Nationals

I’m not even kidding when I say that there are exactly three people who caused the Nationals to win the World Series: Joe Paquette, Nico Bocock, and the girl wearing... Read more

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I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

So my Stephen Strasburg take is looking pretty good…. And here we are. This is the biggest sporting event that the nation’s capital has been a part of since Super... Read more

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Right Here, Right Now

There are very few times in your life where you can legitimately say that everything you have ever worked for has come down to one moment: right here, right now,... Read more

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Four Down Territory – The Best PARRAties

Welcome to Four Down Territory! This is a space where I’ll write about four things in professional sports every Saturday. Whether it’s the four greatest moments or the four worst... Read more

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Is This the Year of the Nationals?

As the weather starts to cool down, the MLB postseason is just beginning. Teams across the league are preparing for a World Series push, with a few legitimate contenders beginning... Read more

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MLB Season Preview

In this MLB season preview, we’re predicting the division winners and the outcome of the World Series, even though spring training just started. There are a lot of well-matched teams... Read more


Jonathan Papelbon: A National Tragedy

On Sunday, during the 8th inning of the Washington Nationals’ contest against the Philadelphia Phillies, closer Jonathan Papelbon scolded teammate Bryce Harper, leading to a physical altercation. Papelbon was soon... Read more

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Play Ball

Well, college basketball season has ended, your bracket has most likely busted, and your school has most likely fallen short yet again of the ultimate prize. But fear not sports... Read more

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A Warm Washington Reception

Over the last two decades, it’s been rare to see a team in the nation’s capital win. Recently, the Nationals have been winning, at least until October. But now, management... Read more

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The MLB Roundup: As the Fat Lady Sings

It’s almost October, and that can only mean one thing: PLAYOFF BASEBALL! Here’s how the last pieces of the puzzle came together: The AL: Detroit, Kansas City, Oakland, and Seattle... Read more

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The MLBeat: Assessing the Nationals

Just one year after winning the National League East Division in 2012, the Washington Nationals fell out of contention for a first place finish by a large margin last year.... Read more