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‘Bigger Than Roe’: 2024 D.C. Women’s March promotes hope in a post-Dobbs America

Pro-choice and anti-abortion protesters clashed at the annual Women’s March held at Freedom Plaza on Saturday, Jan. 20. Despite below-freezing temperatures, hundreds of demonstrators showed up in support of abortion rights.

DC News

Protesters gather to support abortion rights, encourage voting for Democrats at this year’s Women’s March

Thousands of protesters gathered to rally and march for women’s rights, with special emphasis placed on abortion rights.


Thousands rally and march for reproductive rights in wake of Texas abortion ban

“This is what democracy looks like!” dozens of sign-toting demonstrators shouted as they marched from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court as part of Washington, D.C.’s fifth annual Women’s March.... Read more


Support the New and Improved Women’s March

Last January, our editorial board wrote that there were several fundamental problems with the Women’s March. Even though we stood by the movement’s founding principles, we advocated sitting out the... Read more


We Were Never Silent: Calling for a More Inclusive Feminism

Coming to Washington, D.C., for college, I looked forward to my first Women’s March. In the weeks leading up to the event, I ordered red bandanas from Amazon to resemble... Read more


Some Students Attend Women’s March, Others Sit Out to Protest Leadership

The 2019 Women’s March rallied hundreds of thousands of marchers in D.C.’s Freedom Plaza on Jan. 19. Amid controversy and cold temperatures, an estimated 725,000 marchers showed up, a smaller... Read more


Branching Out: Marching Towards a New Culture of Protest

According to Troubles I’ve Seen, Jervis Anderson’s biography of Bayard Rustin, whenever Rustin, chief organizer of the March on Washington, was asked to organize similar events, he would wisely reply,... Read more


Problems With Women’s March Require Introspection and Action

Georgetown students will have the choice to participate in the third annual Women’s March on the National Mall this Saturday, Jan. 19. The first Women’s March took place on Jan.... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Feminism in the Age of Trump

Women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds wearing pink hats with pointed, ear-like appendages on either side carried signs emblazoned with clever slogans: “There is no Planet B,”... Read more


Georgetown students join in Women’s March on Washington

More than 500,000 people gathered on the National Mall on Jan. 21 to advocate for a wide variety of causes as part of the Women’s March on Washington, and many... Read more