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Best of 2013

Best of 2013


Albums 1. Yeezus – Kanye West A challenging album that stands in sharp contrast to some of West’s past releases thanks to its raw minimalism, Yeezus is generally devoid of any radio-friendly tracks and instead opts for more brooding, almost industrial songs. From the opening grind of “On Sight” to the tortured screams on “I…

The Bar Issue: Three Hoyas walked into a bar…

The Bar Issue: Three Hoyas walked into a bar…


With the addition of two new SafeRide routes to Dupont and Adams Morgan and the lifting of the one keg rule for on-campus parties, one thing has become painfully clear to the student population: The administration either wants us on campus or miles away from it. But, despair not! D.C. offers many a night time dives, ranging from laid-back beer gardens to lively joints to dance the night away. So, if you find yourself already tired of hosting sticky, Burnett’s-fueled ragers under the watchful eye of DPS, check out the Voice’s suggestions for a quality night out at the District’s bars. Just don’t be too loud getting out of the taxi on your way back to campus.

50 Shades of Blue and Gray: Part 5


Tony was always walking past me. Chance encounters, brief glances, sly smiles. He was handsome, with his black hair and a crooked smile. He was 6’1” and broad-shouldered and mysterious and perfect. I hated him. I hated myself for being attracted to him. So when I heard of a party at his friend Ryan’s house, I had to go. He found…

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