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Emmys 2017 Predictions

Emmys 2017 Predictions


The Emmys are upon us, and with Game of Thrones ineligible this year, we are in for a wild ride that is sure to bring some welcomed surprises. This year has one of the stronger Emmy lineups in recent memory, which makes picking a possible winner all the most difficult, but at the same time…

<i>Alien: Covenant</i>: A Welcome Comeback of the Xenomorph

Alien: Covenant: A Welcome Comeback of the Xenomorph


In the age of prequels and sequels, it is hard to find quality films that can be part of a whole while also working well as standalone products. Alien: Covenant, the sixth installment of Ridley Scott’s revered Alien franchise, is one such film. As both a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to 1979’s Alien,…

<i>Bates Motel’s</i> Tragic Final Hour is One for the Ages

Bates Motel’s Tragic Final Hour is One for the Ages


“This is how it ends, isn’t it?” The phrase resonates throughout the final hour of Bates Motel, a series that, unlike many others, became better as the years went by. For the first couple of seasons, the show struggled to find its voice as several subplots and pointless supporting characters made the show feel rather…

<i>The Zookeeper’s Wife</i> proves Engaging despite Lack of Depth

The Zookeeper’s Wife proves Engaging despite Lack of Depth


Holocaust movies are often tough to watch, be it for the imminent death scenes lurking around the corner or the constant violent, even exploitative, displays of injustice, torture, and overall inhumanity. That said, The Zookeeper’s Wife is the untold story of Antonina Zabinski, a Polish woman whom with her husband, Jan, and young son, Ryszard,…

<i>A United Kingdom</i>: Not a Failure, But Hardly a Success

A United Kingdom: Not a Failure, But Hardly a Success


Biographical films are tough as they tell the story of usually unknown real-life heroes that rose to the occasion and defied the system. Therefore, on one hand, filmmakers feel pressured to honestly present the ‘based-on-a-true-story’ lives that they portray, while, on the other, they must also entertain and please audiences, if only for the sake…

<i>Split</i>: Back to Form

Split: Back to Form

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M. Night Shyamalan’s movies are known for their twists. Looking at his résumé, it is not hard to see why audiences have come to expect that final, shocking revelation that changes everything, for better or for worse. In Split, Shyamalan surprises by crafting a convoluted, yet intriguing story from beginning to end. He wastes little…

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