Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: GU’s commitment to migrant worker welfare in Qatar

Letter to the Editor: GU’s commitment to migrant worker welfare in Qatar


Since Georgetown’s founding in 1789, Catholic and Jesuit values have driven our educational mission, rooted in social justice, service to others, and the common good. Today, we have become a global community and are advancing these Jesuit values worldwide through research, teaching, and outreach. Our world faces a number of complex and consequential challenges. Georgetown…

Letter to the Editor: Why Is Nike an Exception?

Letter to the Editor: Why Is Nike an Exception?


To the Editor, All companies that produce and sell apparel bearing Georgetown University’s name or trademark must sign a license agreement requiring them to comply with Georgetown’s Code of Conduct on labor standards.  ALL – EXCEPT NIKE. The Code resulted from student protests against sweatshops to assure Georgetown-licensed products are made under decent labor conditions. …

Letter to the Editor


I am writing in response to the anonymous reports of sexual assault [reported by the Voice on Nov. 13]. As Georgetown’s Title IX Coordinator, I am responsible for making sure that reported cases of sexual assault and misconduct are investigated and responded to promptly. We take this work extremely seriously and are committed to evaluating…

Letter to the Editor: Support the Healy Pub


The vision of a University Center in Healy basement belongs to Sue Palmer Johnson, the Director of Student Activities in the early 1970s. I was fortunate to work with her, other administrators, and many fellow students in opening the Café in 1973 and the Pub in 1974. Since those beginnings, numerous friendships were made and fond memories are now shared by the many employees and patrons of the Café and Pub during its 14 year existence. However, the issue today is not about the past, but the future. There is an apparent need for student study and social space.

Letter to the Editor – 9.23.2010


In the Voice’s Sept. 16 article “On the Record: Álvaro Uribe,” the former President of Colombia said that I am “completely wrong” for suggesting that he has shown contempt for human rights work. The problem with his denial—sadly, lying about factual matters is the norm for Uribe—is that the world has recording equipment. Some of…

Letter to the Editor 04.02.2009


To the Editor, We were astonished to read that from 2005 to 2008, GU spent nearly one million dollars on lobbying for a boathouse in the C&O Canal National Historical Park, as reported in the Georgetown Voice (“$990,000 spent lobbying for boathouse,” News, March 26). When families struggle to pay more than $50,000 yearly for…

GUSA: Sean Hayes and Andrew Madorsky


Hopefully you are aware that we, Sean Hayes and Andrew Madorsky, are running for GUSA President and Vice-President. We have a lot of great ideas for Georgetown, and a real passion for the university. This is why we were so concerned with a misquotation in last week’s editorial on the GUSA candidates. Among the things…

Academic Resource Center helps students


I have a variety of learning disabilities for which I receive accommodations at Georgetown. I am now in my fourth semester of working with the Academic Resource Center, and I have had absolutely nothing but positive experiences with everyone there. I disagree with the sentiments expressed in “Cura Personalis in Reverse Overdrive” (2/14/08) that students…

An Open Letter to Todd Olson, V. P. for Student Affairs


We are deeply troubled by the events of October 11 on campus. The way in which LGBT students and their supporters were treated on that day by the campus police is extremely discouraging, to say the least. For a peaceful student group to be prevented by a large number of police officers from entering the open spaces of the Healy building in order to deliver to the president’s office signatures to a widely shared campus petition is appalling.

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