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Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski highlights the role of theatre in social change

With just one actor (David Strathairn) and stark scenery, Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski harnesses the power of storytelling to convey a message that transcends time and the... Read more


GU to commemorate Karski, Polish resistance fighter

To celebrate the hundredth birthday of Georgetown professor Jan Karski (PHD ‘52), the Jan Karski Educational Foundation and Georgetown University will be hosting a panel discussion on April 24, moderated... Read more


Incalculable but invisible: Why Georgetown should erect a statue of Madeleine Albright

Though history best remembers Albright as a pioneering politician in a previously exclusively male role, she always said, “I am sometimes known as secretary, but most of all, I like being known as professor.” Thus, Georgetown should erect a statue of Albright in order to honor her contributions to higher education at the Hilltop, global politics, and, most importantly, her advocacy for women’s and refugee’s rights.


Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity embroiled in drama and litigation

The Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and an associated nonprofit are the center of a recent civil suit.


The Voice‘s Guide to D.C. theaters

Arena Stage  Address: 1101 Sixth St. SW  How to get there: Take the GUTS bus to Rosslyn, then the Blue, Silver, or Orange line to L’Enfant Plaza. From there, walk... Read more


Six people to know at Georgetown

Rev. Christopher Steck, Jennifer Altemus, Mike Arthur, Shiva Subbaraman, Jan Karski, and the students of GERMS: becoming familiar with these six Georgetown fixtures will help anyone learn their way around campus.


Graffiti suspect caught

Early Saturday morning the Department of Public Safety apprehended a Georgetown student suspected of defacing the Copley Lawn statue of the Virgin Mary with red paint on March 21, according to Crime Prevention Coordinator Joseph Smith. Smith said the student was found as he was about to spray paint graffiti onto the stone wall near the statue.


Blessed Mother statue vandalized again

The statue of the Blessed Mother on Copley Lawn was vandalized over the weekend, bringing the total number of such incidents to three in the past month. Previously defaced on February 22, the statue was painted a second time sometime early Saturday morning. A statue of former Georgetown professor and World War II hero Jan Karski was also defaced in early March.


Speakers remember GU professor

Jan Karski, a former Georgetown government professor, who passed away last July, was honored for his time at Georgetown and for his role as a witness to the World War... Read more