Annabella Hoge

Annabella is a sophomore in the college who enjoys wearing bucket hats and talking about being from Los Angeles. She is also the executive news editor.


Sharp D.C. homicide spike as total crime rates go down

In early July, D.C.’s homicide rate gained attention as the murder count for the District exceeded 100 people. That number was 23 percent higher than the homicide count in D.C.... Read more


America’s “forever prison:” Berkley Center hosts discussion on the politics of Guantánamo Bay

“It has become a forever prison, with forever prisoners, in the forever war,” Karen Greenberg said of Guantánamo Bay during a discussion on the politics and morals of the detention... Read more


Accessibility and accommodation concerns rise to the forefront of student advocacy

Just last week, Georgetown students settled into the likely-difficult semester of online learning ahead. While virtual school is widely acknowledged as a general inconvenience for most students, for students who... Read more

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Trailer Takes: The Batman, KAJILLIONAIRE, Unpregnant

Trailer 1 — The Batman (2021) John: I will admit the DC brand of superheroes has always taken itself a little too seriously for my liking. Especially in the most... Read more

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Holey Moley: How I learned to stop worrying and love mini-golf

I am a terrible golfer. Granted, I’ve only ever been golfing one time and gave up halfway through, but rest assured, I was awful. Then mini-golf entered my life—a game... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: How to be an online student

For hundreds of freshmen, this fall will be their first experience with college classes—and it will all be online.  The transition to Georgetown is already difficult; taking your first final... Read more


After updates on financial aid, students say there is still more work to be done

Nearly three weeks after financial aid packages were initially released, students are continuing to demand increased aid and a more transparent financial aid process.  Due to widespread reports students received... Read more


Bombay Bicycle Club creates an acoustic escape in Two Lives EP

The first Bombay Bicycle Club song I ever listened to was a soft acoustic track called “You Already Know.” I would play it while on the train, imagining the road... Read more


A Black mother’s fight for justice: Georgetown Law student-attorneys file lawsuit on behalf of Kenithia Alston

Content warning: This article handles issues of racism, police violence, and death.  Kenithia Alston, represented by a team of student-attorneys from Georgetown Law’s Civil Rights Clinic, filed a $100 million... Read more

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The Weekly List: Ten songs to listen to while lying on the floor

Last semester I would make fun of my roommate for eating lunch while sitting on our floor. It seemed ridiculous to me that she would choose to spend any time... Read more