Chetan Dokku

Chetan is a senior in the College studying economics and English. He likes to track every piece of media he consumes in multiple formats. He was previously a Halftime Leisure and Leisure Editor and is now a copy assistant.

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An Embrace of Weirdness: Sex Education Returns To Netflix

Sex Education’s second season premiered on Netflix earlier this month, continuing the streaming service’s steady outpouring of edgy, weird, hormone-centric exclusives. Over the past few years, Sex Education, along with... Read more


From Friends to Family

When Netflix users logged in on January 1, they noticed something missing. The show Friends had left after a five-year run. In those five years, it had garnered a whole... Read more

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Apple TV+ Badly Strikes out with Dickinson

A little over a month ago, I decided to start watching Apple TV+ ‘s buzzy new TV show Dickinson. I thought that with ten, thirty-minute long episodes it would take... Read more


Best of the Decade: TV Shows

As the decade comes to a close, Halftime is celebrating by taking a look back at the best that the 2010s had to offer. Below you’ll find some of our... Read more

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Please Watch The Crown

701 days. That’s how long I’ve been waiting for season three of Netflix’s The Crown to premiere. Exploring the life of Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, The Crown... Read more

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Fundamentally Off-Putting: Prime Video’s Modern Love Fails to Resonate with Viewers

Last month, Amazon Prime Video released its new anthology Modern Love. An adaptation of The New York Times weekly column of the same name, each episode presents one essay about... Read more

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Perfecting the Spy Thriller: Jack Ryan Returns to Prime Video

Last Thursday, Amazon Prime released season two of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski. Set in Venezuela, the show follows Ryan (John Krasinski) and his former boss Jim Greer’s... Read more

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Living with Yourself Doesn’t Seem to Make Much of Itself

Recently, Netflix released Paul Rudd’s new show Living with Yourself. A seemingly unique story with lots of potential, the show follows a man named Miles Elliot (Paul Rudd) who, burned... Read more

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After Two Seasons, Succession Finally Gives Viewers a Successor

In one of probably the greatest scenes in television history, Succession’s Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) raps about his octogenarian father Logan (Brian Cox) at a celebratory dinner in front of... Read more

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Killing Eve’s Shining Star

Two weeks ago, Jodie Comer of Killing Eve won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series to everyone’s surprise—including herself. During her speech, she joked that she... Read more