Danielle Guida

Danielle is a senior in the College who spends her free time trying to calculate the exact distance, in feet, that Tom Cruise has run on screen.

Halftime Leisure

Halftime Takes: What The Oscars Missed

Whether you love them or hate them, the Oscars have been filled with controversies. With the ceremony coming soon, Halftime Leisure staff is getting ready for it with our opinions... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Aquaman‘s Important Contribution to Superhero Diversity

There is an alarming amount of hate on the Internet for Aquaman (2018). Luckily, I’m here to explain what the haters are missing. The latest installment in the DC Extended... Read more

The Untitled Leisure Project

Untitled Leisure Project: Award season predictions w/ Hunter Harris

In this episode, Claire Goldberg, Dajour Evans, and Danielle Guida are joined by special guest, Vulture writer Hunter Harris to discuss the close of this year in culture and the... Read more


Best of 2018: Underrated

2018 delivered many great albums and movies. To end the year, we’re celebrating some of our favorites that you may not have heard of before. All stories deserve a chance,... Read more

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Survivor: David vs. Goliath Gives New Life to the Fading Reality Show

Wait, Survivor is still on? Indeed it is, and it’s better than ever. It’s no secret that the CBS competition series is no longer the cultural behemoth it once was... Read more


House of Cards Misses its Last Chance to Save Itself

House of Cards has had a lot thrown its way. When it was picked up by Netflix to become the streaming service’s first original series in 2013, no one knew... Read more


Widows is much more than a heist film

Viewers should not go into Widows expecting to leave with the same goofy smile that this summer’s Ocean’s 8 inspired. Instead, they should probably start stretching their jaws now to... Read more

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A Case for the Classics: Jerry Maguire

“Show me the money!” “Help me help you.” “You complete me.” “You had me at hello.” Do you know these quotes? Of course you do. They’re classics. But do you... Read more