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Host of Fresh Voices. Former Voices Editor. AMST major. Mediocre yet enthusiastic dancer. Will beat you at Scrabble. Ask me what I'm reading.

Digital Issue

Fresh Voices: Behind the Scenes with Campus Poets

In this episode of Fresh Voices, the Voices team talks with spoken word poets Egan Barnitt, Timmy Sutton, and Summer Durant. The three guests discuss the inspiration behind their work and their experiences with slams... Read more

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Jack Townsend Promises He’s Not a Luddite

In this episode of Fresh Voices, assistant Voices editor Julia Pinney talks with Jack Townsend, who wrote “I Promise I’m Not a Luddite” in this week’s issue, on stands now.... Read more

Fresh Voices

Fresh Voices: Mica Bernhard on Friendship in the Digital Age

In this episode of the Fresh Voices podcast, Julia Pinney talks with Mica Bernhard about her piece in the Feb. 9 issue, Friendship Send Failure. In it, she talks about her experience... Read more


Those Three Words

I remember the first time I said “I love you.” My best friend Scarlet and I were driving home from the beach. When going to the beach in Los Angeles,... Read more


Fresh Voices Episode 1: “No, I Don’t Know Putin”

In the first episode of the Voice’s opinion podcast series, Lizz Pankova discusses her Russian identity in America with Sienna Brancato and Julia Pinney. Lizz builds from her piece in... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Accepting Tranquility

“Wow what a year it has been. Are they all so full of emotions and change? How will we ever accept tranquility?” I could have written these words from my... Read more


When Home Is Hard to Define

Up until I left for Georgetown, it was simple to define “home.” Home was the house in Los Angeles where grew up. It was the place where I learned to... Read more


Upon Turning 20

It was Oct. 6, the day before I turned 20. Suddenly the urge to do something crazy, something teenager-y, came over me. I think what’s odd about how I felt... Read more


Colorful Worlds and Colorful Faces at the Touchstone Gallery

The Touchstone Gallery in downtown DC has two new exhibits for art lovers to immerse themselves in. The exhibits: “beg borrow + steal: works on cardboard by Dana Brotman” and... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Weekly List: Pups in the Park

Summer is upon us! And there is nothing more summer than heading to a baseball game. If you’re in D.C. for the season, go to Pups in the Park at... Read more