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Support collective liberation, protect pro-Palestine activism

For all the talk about free speech and expression, universities across the country, empowered by governmental institutions, have severely suppressed pro-Palestine activism since Oct. 7. On Oct. 26, Sen. Josh... Read more


In light of activist burnout, solidarity is a necessary remedy

Content warning: This article discusses anti-Black systemic violence. Attacks on Black lives are ubiquitous. It has been nine months since Tyre Nichols joined an ever-growing list of names we vow... Read more


Georgetown’s Socially Responsible Investing policy means nothing without accountability

Georgetown prides itself on its Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) policy. It remains complicit, however, in unethical investments in harmful companies. The SRI policy’s mission statement, created in 2017, emphasizes the... Read more


60th anniversary of March on Washington is a testament to activist determination

Sixty years after Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his renowned “I Have a Dream” speech, almost 75,000 people gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to rally for... Read more


Dear Hoyas

Each August, the Voice begins the year with a letter to the student body, especially directed at the incoming class, offering advice on how to best conquer the trials and... Read more


“Asian Style Inspires Activism”: A runway of celebration and resistance

Runway ASIA aimed to fulfill a dual purpose of inspiring Asian activism and celebrating Asian joy by creating a safe and accessible space for creative expression, while also acting as a fundraiser.


COP27, Human Rights, and The Climate Crisis

COP27 has been tasked with overcoming past criticisms while also dealing with new challenges that are arising inside a country with high levels of censorship and repression.


Undergraduates have embraced social media as a platform to comment on Israel and Palestine. Should we?

I have also come to the realization that while social media activism can be problematic by lending credence to absolutist viewpoints, social media is often the only tool for activism among disenfranchised and minority opinion groups.


Vote Nile Blass and Nicole Sanchez for better advocacy and necessary change

After interviewing both tickets in this year’s GUSA executive election, this editorial board enthusiastically endorses Nile Blass (COL ’22) for president and Nicole Sanchez (SFS ’22) for vice-president. A vote... Read more


May 6, 1970: The day Georgetown went on strike

Georgetown’s relationship with activism has never been a simple one.  When new Hoyas walk through the gates at the intersection of 37th and O, they can expect to be bombarded... Read more


GUSA re-establishes GUPD student oversight board

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution to establish a student advisory committee to oversee the Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) at their meeting on Nov. 8. 


The kids are dying: What HIV/AIDS activism and gun violence prevention say about America

The parallels between March for Our Lives and ACT UP make it clear: When tragedy strikes, it’s okay to demand that our government do better.


The Georgetown Progressive Alliance: A new space for progressive ideas, community, and activism

The Georgetown Progressive Alliance (GPA), a new political organization for leftist students, has begun holding meetings this semester and promoting progressive causes on and off-campus.  The club itself is the... Read more


GU Mutual Aid Network redistributes over $5,000 to students in need

Since the beginning of August, Georgetown students have raised nearly $6,500 in funds for students through the GU Mutual Aid Network. Over $5,100 of the amount raised has been redistributed... Read more

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: The GU272

Since Georgetown University’s long history with slavery re-entered public view five years ago, faculty, administrators, student activists, and descendants of those enslaved by the Jesuits have grappled with the significance... Read more

On The Pandemic

On the Pandemic: Instagram Activism Ignores Gendered Impacts of COVID-19

"The disparity between the facile attempts at female empowerment on Instagram and the ways women’s rights are under threat demonstrates how misdirected good intentions can actually be more harmful than empowering."


Vote Yes to Divest

After seven years of advocating for Georgetown to divest from the fossil fuel industry, GU Fossil Free (GUFF) will hold a divestment referendum on Feb. 6 alongside the GUSA executive... Read more


Community action must accompany Amazon’s move to the District

Amazon’s “HQ2” is coming to the D.C. metropolitan area this year. In an editorial last March, we noted our concerns about the possible negative effects of Amazon coming to D.C.... Read more


Logan Browning discusses “Dear White People” and activism

Logan Browning, activist and star of the Netflix show “Dear White People,” spoke in the Lohrfink Auditorium on Oct. 3. Browning plays Samantha White, a rebellious radio show host and... Read more


Vigil draws crowd for Black Lives Matter movement

Over 200 students and faculty gathered in Red Square on Friday, Sept. 23 for a vigil and forum on race relations and racial justice in the U.S. While the forum... Read more