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The merit to rethinking meritocracy, and why we need to change ‘elite’ admissions

The conversation around meritocratic admissions that dominates elite institutions promotes an us-versus-them mentality that drives a wedge between minority groups.


Georgetown and other national universities allegedly part of price-fixing cartel to limit financial aid

Georgetown and 15 other top private universities were named defendants in a federal antitrust lawsuit filed on Jan. 9. The suit alleges that the self-described need-blind universities colluded to raise... Read more


Georgetown needs to better embody cura personalis with potential applicants

No matter the context around applicants’ dropping grades and heightened absences, with no chance for a student to explain their circumstances, those numbers alone can be enough for colleges to toss aside someone’s application—especially schools as selective as Georgetown.


Georgetown admissions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Listen to this podcast episode hosted by Voice writer Erin DuCharme to learn from Suzie Maguire, Alumni Admissions Program committee chair for committee 411, and Gina Petruzziello, a newly admitted... Read more


SFS Academic Council calls for reform of Georgetown’s admissions practices

The SFSAC released a petition to eliminate standardized testing scores and legacy status in Georgetown’s admissions process.


Georgetown instates test-optional policy for 2020-21 application season

Georgetown has opted to waive the ACT and SAT requirement for applicants to the class of 2025, citing the ongoing pandemic and the widespread cancellation of college admissions tests as... Read more


Missing GAAP: Class of 2024 meets Georgetown from afar

As students wait to hear whether or not they can return to campus in the fall, the newest Hoyas wonder when they will see Georgetown for the first time. The... Read more


Georgetown administration responds well to Covid-19

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many universities have struggled to make the best decisions regarding instructional continuity and student safety. Georgetown has been transparent, communicative, and receptive... Read more


End Legacy Admissions

In 2014, Johns Hopkins University quietly removed its admissions’ consideration of legacy status. This January, their university president went public with the change in The Atlantic, noting dramatic increases in... Read more


Georgetown Should Commit to Ethical Data Use

Many colleges and universities have opted to begin using technologies that track the behavior of prospective and enrolled students online and on campus, respectively. This editorial board believes Georgetown should... Read more


Nationwide Admissions Scandal Implicates Former Georgetown Tennis Coach, Parents

The U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts unsealed two indictments against members of the Georgetown community Tuesday morning. One named former Georgetown men’s and women’s tennis coach Gordon... Read more


Admissions Equity Requires Broader Consideration

Last week, The Hoya’s editorial board argued that, because it leaves qualified Asian-American students disadvantaged when applying to Georgetown and other elite colleges and universities, race-based affirmative action should no longer... Read more


University Must Address Inequality

On Jan. 18, 2017, The New York Times reported on a study by The Equality of Opportunity Project which ranked colleges by how many of their students come from families... Read more