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A letter to my hometown: Racial justice in Minneapolis still has a long way to go

This uncritical attribution of the nationwide increase in crime to the protests of that summer, without regard for other potential contributing factors, is a disservice to the Black Lives Matter movement and racial justice efforts more generally.


Defund GUPD. With the right response systems, we won’t need them.

The Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) has maintained a dangerous and  imposing role on this campus for far too long.  As an organization, GUPD is not equipped to deal with... Read more


Mayor Bowser appoints new MPD police chief

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser appointee Robert J. Contee III replaced outgoing Peter Newsham as chief of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

News Commentary

Obstructions of Justice: How police unions are the hidden barricade in the fight against police brutality

Violence against Black Americans by the police is protected, time and time again, by the unions that back them. This is how.


An open letter to my fellow white friends: Let’s talk about race.

Speaking out against racism is more than an action. It is a process of recognizing the ways in which white people contribute to and benefit from institutional and societal racism. It is a process of realizing feeling guilty is a privilege—that Black people and other people of color have been living with the effects of this racism for their entire lives. 


GUSA Senate supports making Georgetown a sanctuary campus for protesters

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution in support of a petition created by The Corp and the GUSA Executive urging Georgetown’s administration to establish the university as a sanctuary campus... Read more


Georgetown voices of Black Lives Matter

Content Warning: racism, depictions of assault and violence  George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police on May 25, as four officers held the unarmed man facedown on the ground, and... Read more


Black lives don’t matter—that’s why we’re protesting

I’m tired of Black lives not mattering. I’m tired of seeing people who look like me die. I’m tired of having to educate our “allies” on how to show up for our community. I’m tired of knowing my children will have to modify every aspect of their behavior and mannerisms to ensure they aren’t misconstrued as threatening. They’ll have to grow up too fast and give up pieces of their childhood for their own safety. I’m tired of your complacency. I’m tired of wondering if I’m next.


Vigil draws crowd for Black Lives Matter movement

Over 200 students and faculty gathered in Red Square on Friday, Sept. 23 for a vigil and forum on race relations and racial justice in the U.S. While the forum... Read more