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Rep. Maxwell Frost speaks on Gen Z, identity in politics, and youth activism

From his work as an activist to making history as the first Generation Z member of Congress, Rep. Maxwell Frost’s career has been action-packed. On April 10, Frost, a Democrat,... Read more


D.C. residents, officials defend home rule with “Hands off DC”

On March 8, statehood activists and elected officials gathered to speak out against their lack of independence at the “Hands Off DC” rally outside Union Station. U.S. Capitol Police arrested at least 17 protesters during the subsequent march on Capitol Hill, including U.S. Shadow Representative of the District Dr. Oye Owolewa.


Why Democrats could lose the filibuster battle

Democrats face a tough dilemma on Capitol Hill. Though they control Congress and the presidency, the Senate’s filibuster rules limit their ability to pass a progressive agenda. While Democrats have undertaken an extensive campaign against these rules, this campaign itself is unlikely to kill the filibuster. But by simply calling for the filibuster’s end, Democrats have already doomed it.


A violent pro-Trump mob attacks U.S. Capitol; Mayor places D.C. into curfew 

An extremist mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters violently breached the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.


Repeal the 2001 AUMF 

As of Sept. 12, 18-year-olds enlisting in the military may be sent to fight in Afghanistan in response to attacks that occurred before they were born. The undeniable tragedy of... Read more


Congress must allow D.C. to regulate legal marijuana

In 1998, D.C. legalized medical marijuana. But in the two decades since, Congress has blocked D.C. from spending any money on regulating marijuana, whether for medical purposes or recreational use,... Read more


D.C. Should Decriminalize Sex Work 

Early this June, D.C. councilmembers Robert White, Anita Bonds, and Brianne Nadeau introduced a bill that would decriminalize sex work in the District. The Community and Safety Health Amendment Act... Read more


Senator Durbin Discusses Shutdown, Immigration, Health Care

The Institute of Politics and Public Service at Georgetown’s McCourt School hosted an event featuring Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (SFS ’66, LAW ’69), the Senate Democratic Whip since 2005, on... Read more


The GOOD Guys: Former Georgetown Football Players Take On Poverty in D.C.

In the fall of 2015, the House majority leader, a conservative pollster, and three Georgetown football players walked into a bar. Disgruntled Rep. Kevin McCarthy and his friend Frank Luntz,... Read more


Congress Must Stop Obstruction

On Feb. 13, Washington, D.C. citizens and lawmakers held a rally and meeting a block away from the Capitol Building as a part of the burgeoning #HandsOffDC movement. The movement... Read more


Republicans: Think before slashing student aid

Last week, Republicans in the House of Representatives released a budget memo for fiscal year 2016 that includes a freeze on the maximum amount of federal financial aid that a... Read more