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Critical Voices: Khalid, <i>Free Spirit</i>

Critical Voices: Khalid, Free Spirit


What does it mean to be a teenager in the 21st century? Our routines are characterised by staying up late finishing assignments, checking our Instagram feed every morning like clockwork, pumping iced coffee into our veins, and trying not to fall asleep in class. Our generation is cynical, its cynicism framed by politics, technology, and…

Critical Voices: Migos, <i>Culture II</i>

Critical Voices: Migos, Culture II


Back in 2015, Quavo, leader and migos-est member of Migos, alerted the world “Gangsta rap is back.” This came off of Yung Rich Nation, the middle release of the YRN trilogy, and the capstone to the purified Atlanta-gangster rap the group had been developing since 2013. Before Cardi B, before Culture, before “Bad and Boujee,”…

Critical Voices: Camila Cabello, <i>Camila</i>

Critical Voices: Camila Cabello, Camila


For most pop stars, the transition from band member to solo artist can be a rocky one. Many pop artists have tried and failed to find commercial success after escaping the bands that launched them into stardom. Camila Cabello, formerly of pop group Fifth Harmony, has bucked this trend with her self-titled album Camila. The…

Critical Voices: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, <i>Wrong Creatures</i>

Critical Voices: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Wrong Creatures


Art can find purpose by offering cultural commentary, and the possibilities to do so abound in today’s sociopolitical climate. But instead of capitalizing on the issues, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club continues to skirt them. Nothing more than another inside-the-box rock album, Wrong Creatures is a 59-minute bland and timeworn ride that fails to make any…

Critical Voices: Björk, <i>Utopia</i>

Critical Voices: Björk, Utopia


Björk’s latest album, Utopia, released on Nov. 23, is one of the longest she has produced so far, comprised of fourteen tracks, one of them, “Body Memory,” lasting almost ten minutes. The album is a painfully monotonous one hour and eleven minute blend of orchestral flutes and soft electronics, but its one redeeming quality is…

Critical Voices: Sam Smith, <i>The Thrill of it All </i>

Critical Voices: Sam Smith, The Thrill of it All


It’s been three years since Sam Smith entered our collective psyche with his first album In the Lonely Hour. Even if you haven’t heard the entire album, you’re most likely familiar with its popular singles like “Stay With Me” and “I’m Not the Only One.” Above all else, In the Lonely Hour was an album…

Critical Voices: Taylor Swift, <i>reputation</i>

Critical Voices: Taylor Swift, reputation


Long gone is the sweet country girl who played acoustics about finding a place in this world while crying teardrops on her guitar. In her place is a confident woman ready to embrace herself and stand firmly against anyone who might cross her. Marking Taylor Swift’s musical shift towards a heavier pop sound— and a…

Critical Voices: Metro Boomin, <i>Without Warning</i>

Critical Voices: Metro Boomin, Without Warning


The first time Metro Boomin’s tag mumbles across his new album, Without Warning, it’s slower than normal. The syrupy “Metro Boomin want some more” indicates a mood, something eerie. In fact, Boomin may be the only producer in trap iconic enough to alter his tag and have it be an event. Leland Tyler Wayne, known…

Critical Voices: Sleeping With Sirens, <i>Gossip</i>

Critical Voices: Sleeping With Sirens, Gossip


There comes a time in the career of countless artists when they decide it’s time to go mainstream in a maybe disappointing though understandable move to keep their music relevant. To be fair, “sellout” shouldn’t be taken strictly as a negative—think Taylor Swift’s 1989 or Maroon 5’s Overexposed—but it’s always sad to see artists cast…

Critical Voices: Miley Cyrus, <i>Younger Now</i>

Critical Voices: Miley Cyrus, Younger Now


The world’s favorite sledgehammer licker, Miley Cyrus, has returned with the release of her latest album, Younger Now. After a few years of reshaping her identity and scarring the world’s collective eyes in the process, country’s prodigal daughter has returned home. This time around, Miley is trading in her risque lyrics and provocative gyrations for…

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