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The Suicide Squad combines the absurdity of comics with heartwarming characters

To some degree, superhero stories are inherently silly. Whether from the basic concepts behind beloved heroes and villains or the general absurdity of scenarios presented in their weekly adventures, each... Read more

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Halftime Leisure Tells You What to Catch Up On Over Break

With spring break just around the corner, the Halftime Leisure editing team wanted to wish everyone a happy (and much deserved) break by recommending some of our favorite shows and... Read more


Epic Adventure Aquaman Reaches for Greatness

For DC Comics fans, it has been a rough few years. Between the cliffhanger ending of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and the cultural significance of Black Panther, DC seems to... Read more

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How Wonder Woman Fulfills the Thematic Promises of the DCEU

Wonder Woman is the best superhero film since The Dark Knight. It feels very odd to compare those two movies, and to make the claim that Wonder Woman has topped... Read more

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Don’t Give Up on DC Just Yet

Let’s face it, when it comes to the DC Universe, it’s a post-Christopher Nolan Batman world. The gauntlet was thrown down by his trilogy, particularly the second and third films... Read more