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Department of Education alleges Georgetown failed to disclose foreign gifts, university denies

Georgetown denies DoED allegations they have failed to disclose foreign gifts and may be subject to foreign influence.


Administrators address changes to Georgetown’s Title IX policy

CW: This article discusses sexual assault and harassment  Following the Department of Education’s 2020 release of new Title IX amendments, a 1972 law that prevents educational institutions from discriminating on... Read more


New federal Title IX regulations announced amid criticism

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual harassment and assault. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced new rules regarding federal Title IX regulations on May 6. These regulations come after a... Read more


Speak Out: Protect Survivors and Reject Proposed Changes to Title IX

Content Warning: Sexual Assault The Department of Education has released new Title IX guidelines—rules about how cases of sexual assault can be handled by schools. The release on Nov. 16... Read more


DeGioia invites campus community to discuss proposed Title IX regulations

University President John DeGioia sent an email to the Georgetown community explaining how the university’s plans to respond to the proposed Title IX regulations released by the Department of Education... Read more


GUSA senate passes resolution supporting STAIV

The GUSA senate unanimously passed a resolution to support Students Taking Action against Interpersonal Violence (STAIV) in advocating for survivors of sexual assault at their Nov. 18 meeting. The resolution... Read more


Students demand university action in light of proposed Title IX changes

Students Taking Action against Interpersonal Violence (STAIV) delivered a letter to Georgetown administrators demanding that the university denounce Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes to Title IX regulations on... Read more