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A deep dive into the world of The Exorcist at Georgetown 50 years later

Content warning: This article includes references to sexual violence. When Georgetown students gather on the front lawn each Halloween to watch a screening of The Exorcist (1973), it is more... Read more


Anatomy of a Fall is an autopsy of a marriage story

Anatomy of a Fall starts like a murder mystery, but gradually it discloses the more intimate, painful details of a family.


Let Carmen dance you through darkness

A story of unlikely companionship, Carmen urges its audience to question what family means when blood runs out.


The Origin of Evil is tacky, timely, and true

The beauty of The Origin of Evil, and of Filmfest DC writ large, lies in its capacity to create kinship within hardship.


Director Ben Sharrock on how the refugee crisis keeps asylum seekers in Limbo

On the secluded Scottish Uists, Syrian refugee Omar (Amir El-Masry) awaits an update for his pending asylum application. Each day, in an almost Sisyphean display, he traverses the windswept island... Read more


Nomadland‘s story of wanderers hits close to home

A story of perpetual travelers and their time on the road seems like it should hold few lessons in a year most spent confined to their homes. Yet Chloé Zhao’s... Read more


Refusing to put down the camera, GUTV documents a semester online

While film production struggles to ramp back up on Hollywood lots, Georgetown student filmmakers are finding ways to capture their own tenacity on camera through homemade documentaries.  On Feb. 9,... Read more


The Goldfinch is a Poor Reproduction of a Work of Art

In a rustic West Village workshop, two ostensibly twin claw-foot chairs are set in front of a young Theodore Decker (Oakes Fegley): one an authentic piece of period furniture, the... Read more

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Black Coal, Thin Ice Perplexes and Excites

Something unusual happened last February at the Berlin International Film Festival. Many films were vying for the festival’s top prize, including Richard Linklater’s 12-year coming of age story Boyhood and... Read more

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Fury Successfully Captures The Horrors Of War

Director and screenwriter David Ayer knows a thing or two about grit, as evidenced by the hard-hitting stories he crafted in End of Watch and Training Day. With Fury, named... Read more

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Dispatch from the DC Chinese Film Festival

he DC Chinese Film Festival, founded in 2011, finished its 2014 run last Sunday. Dedicated to making Chinese-language cinema more visible in the US, the festival ran for four days,... Read more