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Why online liberty must be preserved

Despite the toxicity of social media, a free internet is now indispensable to free discourse—and by extension, a free society.


Mark Zuckerberg Visits Georgetown to Discuss Free Expression

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke and answered questions about free expression in Gaston Hall on Thursday. The event, titled “A Conversation on Free Expression,” began with a 35-minute speech articulating... Read more


Academic Freedom Exists Past the Classroom

Georgetown’s policy on academic freedom states that, “Faculty enjoy academic freedom in the classroom, the laboratory, the studio, the library, and all the domains of their academic activity. Academic freedom... Read more


Free Speech Tabled: A Need for New Rules at the Georgetown University Law Center

The law is blind, but it need not be mute. At the Georgetown University Law Center, however, students have found their expression of political speech blocked by the administration. This... Read more


DC to Qatar: A Georgetown presence in Doha

Next Tuesday, Georgetown’s Qatar campus of the School of Foreign Service kicks off a two-day academic conference entitled “Scapes of Power: A Critical Appraisal” to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Mohammed... Read more


Students push for further changes to university’s Free Speech Policy

Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson released updates to the university’s Speech and Expression Policy in an email to the student body on Nov. 17, clarifying the uses of... Read more


GUPD addresses free speech at GUSA roundtable

At a GUSA Hoya Roundtable meeting this Tuesday, Georgetown University Police Department Chief Jay Gruber addressed free speech concerns. He called his department’s actions against H*yas for Choice last Monday... Read more


GUPD officer removes H*yas For Choice members protesting on 37th Street

An officer from Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety removed H*yas for Choice members from tabling on the sidewalk outside the University’s front gates Monday. The group was protesting a ceremony... Read more