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Saw X brings you grotesque gore in 4k, but falls slightly flat 

Fan or not, Saw X will make you absolutely squirm in your seats, especially if you can handle it in 4K.

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Let Black horror haunt your screens this Halloween

Black horror is booming. Several films released this summer to overwhelmingly positive reviews and streaming success.


Fresh: A new horror classic

If there’s one thing guaranteed besides its future establishment as a horror classic, it’s that Fresh will at least make you feel a little better about the realities of your own dating life. 


Malignant‘s brashness and audacity make it a twist-filled delight

As the lights came up at the end of Malignant (2021), James Wan’s demented new horror extravaganza, my friends and I took the opportunity during the credits to howl with... Read more

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Trailer Takes: The Perfect Date, The Silence, and The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Perfect Date: Aaron: “Do you even need to see the movie now?” It may be a complaint I see in the comments under pretty much every trailer I’ve... Read more


Jordan Peele’s Us is a Terrifying Exploration of the Duality of Human Nature

The hall of mirrors was always my least favorite aspect of amusement parks. There is something distinctly unnerving about trying to find your way through a labyrinth that projects endless... Read more

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Trailer Takes: Artemis Fowl, Happy Death Day 2U, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2

Artemis Fowl— Dajour: The name Artemis Fowl sounds recognizable; that is the most I can offer about this trailer. Judging from the comments on the trailer, this film is based... Read more