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End of the trail: Election’s close brings excitement and anxiety for student campaigners

Georgetown students working on the 2020 election reflect on their work and the races ahead of election day.


Who’s derailing the U.S. election? Hint: It’s not just Russia or China.

Misinformation campaigns may be signaling the start of the end of true pluralism.


Primary Concerns: Student led political activism builds as 2020 election begins

Even in a political moment characterized by inter and intra party fighting, Mo Elleithee (SFS ’94) finds the wonder in politics. As director of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and... Read more


Joe Biden at the Anthem

In modern America, political discussion has become taboo among friends and family. The country is engulfed in a sense of division that’s unprecedented in modern political history. The US finds... Read more


Preview: Vice President Joe Biden’s American Promise Tour, Feb. 6, The Anthem

Throughout his decades-long career as a U.S. politician, Vice President Joe Biden has acted as an inspiration and moral compass for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. His message is... Read more


Joe Biden addresses students on financial regulation

On Dec. 5, Vice President Joe Biden argued in support of the Obama administration’s financial sector policies and warned against the dangers of forgetting the lessons of the most recent... Read more