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It may be “cuffing season,” but you might be better off unattached

Something about winter creeping up is enough to make anyone want to trade the “Hot Girl Summer” mindset for a “Settle Down Winter” one. Or better yet, a “Time to Lower my Standards” mindset, as I like to call it. The need to be in a relationship can be so completely consuming that people will be quick to view themselves as the problem and lower their standards, when it’s more about luck and timing. Furthermore, this downgrade of standards may not be setting them up for a successful and healthy relationship.


What asexual students want you to know this Asexual Awareness Week

Campus brims with queer joy during October or, as the LGBTQ Resource Center has called it for at least the past decade: OUTober. As part of National Coming Out Day... Read more


The Georgetown Marriage Pact: A match made in data?

More than 2,300 Hoyas took a chance to find their match through the Georgetown Marriage Pact in March, with varying degrees of success.


Two Cents: Episode 5 – Michael Litoris

In this episode of Two Cents, Eli and Sky are joined by Abby and Nathan as they discuss emotional mementos and terrible baby names. To submit your own request for... Read more


If You Like It, Consider Not Putting a Ring On It

Two Voice writers trade takes. This week’s topic: marriage. Paul: Marriage is an institution of fear, not of love. Since its inception, the institution of marriage has been deeply interwoven... Read more


Lessons From Literature: Selfish Love

  “So long as one is happy, one can endure any discipline: it was unhappiness that broke down the habits of work … I became aware that our love was... Read more

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Love on the Hilltop: Love at First Lick

Mollie’s piece is one in a series of articles titled “Love on the Hilltop,” that will run until Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a bond with a person, place, or keepsake, these articles highlight the... Read more