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Say no to cashless policies

In the District, restaurants and businesses alike are following an increasing nationwide cashlessness trend, a move that has been met with backlash. At Georgetown, The Corp made the switch in... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Every Study Spot on Campus Ranked

For a university with an undergraduate population of about 7,000 students, Georgetown has a remarkably small campus. While my lazy ass certainly wouldn’t want to change this, there are definitely... Read more


Georgetown Day Cup initiative to encourage recycling on campus

The GUSA Senate Sustainability Subcommittee and the Corp Green Initiative have partnered to sponsor the first Georgetown Day Cup competition to promote recycling and sustainability on campus April 25, the... Read more


Start Me Up: The business of student startups

It was a pleasant winter evening in Rwanda, where the temperature rarely dips below 60 degrees no matter the season. Ann Yang (SFS ’15) and Phil Wong (SFS ’15) took... Read more