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Troye Sivan’s Something to Give Each Other is a return to utterly lyrical pop

STGEO presents far more warmth than the cool blues of Sivan’s sullen suburbia, lingering more on the highs of new love.


Troye Sivan Creates Glorious, Otherworldly Pop with In A Dream

Troye Sivan’s latest EP, In A Dream (2020), contends with harsher realities and darker feelings than ever before. Since the release of his lush tribute to love, Bloom (2018), Sivan... Read more

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The Weekly List: LGBTQ+ Bangers

It’s smack dab in the middle of October, and that means taking a break from all of your favorite spooky playlists to celebrate the real holiday this month: LGBTQ+ history... Read more


Troye Sivan Colors the Anthem In The Bloom Tour

“The lights!” my friend shouted at me, only minutes into the opening act. “What?” I shouted back. “The lights!” she pointed frantically. “They are a rainbow!” That was something unforgettable... Read more


Concert Preview: Troye Sivan, Oct. 4, The Anthem

Australian singer and songwriter Troye Sivan is coming to D.C. for his latest tour, “Bloom.” Sivan began his career in 2007 with the release of his debut EP, Dare to... Read more


Critical Voices: Troye Sivan, Bloom

Five years ago, Troye Sivan was an Australian teen and YouTube star, coming out in front of a camera for an audience of thousands around the world. His video, entitled... Read more