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Still Blooming in Spirit: D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival

Still Blooming in Spirit: D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival


As my friends and I made the leisurely jaunt to the Tidal Basin this past Saturday, I must admit that my expectations were at an all-time high. After seeing the plethora of pictures people had posted Easter weekend, my Instagram and Snapchat were feeling rather out-of-date with the new spring aesthetic.  However, as the once-distant…

A Case for the Classics: <i>Reservoir Dogs</i>

A Case for the Classics: Reservoir Dogs


The year is 1992, Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs, is released, beginning more than twenty years of Tarantino’s iconic movie formula. The violent movie follows a botched diamond heist, but what sets it apart from other action movies are the erratic flashbacks and exaggerated dramatic energy that add up to create a blunt, bloody,…

Cherry Tree Massacre Continues to Grow and Delight

Cherry Tree Massacre Continues to Grow and Delight


On Friday, the Georgetown Chimes continued their three-weekend a cappella festival called the Cherry Tree Massacre, one of the biggest college a cappella festivals in the country.  The concept of a four-part concert series was first suggested by John O’Grady in 1974 when he was still a neophyte in the Chimes. On Friday the Chimes…

Halftime Reviews: <i>Not to Disappear</i> by Daughter

Halftime Reviews: Not to Disappear by Daughter


Daughter’s second full-length album, Not To Disappear, takes a sharp turn from lead singer Elena Tonra’s somber musings about broken relationships heard in the band’s first album, If You Leave. One of the breakout singles on the new album, “Doing The Right Thing,” deals with the loss of selfhood during dementia. Tonra softly sings, “Then…

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