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Halftime’s Favorite Halftimes: Food

Leo's dining hall. The Voice.

It is The Georgetown Voice’s 50th anniversary week. To celebrate, the Halftime Leisure team got together to review our favorite Halftime posts. For Thursday, we’ve decided to pick from one of the best categories of all: food. From fancy bunch places to good old Leo’s, Halftime has sure covered a lot in this department. Enjoy!


Anna: “Halftime Brunch Bracket: El Centro” by Elizabeth Malatesta

After reading this article, it is obvious that Halftime needs to be producing more food content! This article was absolutely amazing and so informative. This review of El Centro’s brunch made me want to get out of bed on this rainy Sunday and walk on over to El Centro (and that is a tall order). I like how Elizabeth gave an informative review of all of its different aspects and then simplified her words into a numerical review. I also appreciated that Elizabeth wasn’t afraid to call out El Centro’s pitfalls such as the “limp” mole fries. @Halftime (aka the people writing this article), let’s restart Brunch Bracket asap!

John: “Corridor Coffee Is Georgetown’s Coziest Coffee Shop” by Claire Goldberg

In keeping with the now time-honored tradition of including Claire Goldberg’s articles a disproportionate amount of times on these lists (she’s just too good at this), I’m particularly fond of her review of Corridor Coffee for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s beautifully succinct. I had never gone to the coffee shop before reading the piece, yet I really felt as though I understood the atmosphere and overall feel of the place just from Claire’s description. Past that, this article was actually the first time I ever realized that Halftime even covered food. In my first semester, not once did I ever hear about a restaurant review or food-related piece, and so the thought never even crossed my mind. Fast-forward to this semester, I’m editing for the organization, and I find myself editing a piece on a topic that I didn’t know we covered. That’s one of many reasons why I love the Voice and Halftime: it’s about everything, and so anyone can enjoy it and find their space to write about their passions and interests.

Sky: Brand New Leo’s, Same Old Mistakes” by Emily Jaster and Jack Townsend

This might actually be one of the longest food reviews Halftime has published. However, it’s Leo’s, so there is much to discuss (read: complain about). First, being a freshman, I find this review entertaining just to hear about what old Leo’s was like (there were chicken wings???). Second, this review contains Emily’s unique perspective as a “vegetarian-forced-pescatarian to avoid starvation.” Finding edible food in Leo’s is hard enough for us omnivores, so learning about the harrowing ordeals Emily has to go through is very eye-opening. Third, and most importantly, this review is hilarious—whether it’s Jack noting with suspicion that Launch chose to offer Korean-Mexican fusion when Leo’s has a Mexican restaurant and it was also Korean week at 5Spice, or Emily’s scalding take that the best dish at Whisk is iced coffee. Either way, I would just like to thank Jack and Emily for convincing me to get Royal Jacket tonight.          

Juliana: “Halftime Brunch Bracket: Leo’s” by Alex Boyd

I’m a creature of habit, and every weekend I drag myself over to downstairs Leo’s for brunch. Is this a wise choice? Probably not, but I still somehow find myself almost every Saturday in an absurdly long line just for the sake of an omelette. So when I found a post on Leo’s brunch in the Halftime archives, I was intrigued. And, honestly, it’s perfect. Boyd absolutely nails what it’s like to be in an overly crowded dining hall getting dishes that you don’t particularly care about and feeling like you could end up on the @georgetown.hotmess Instagram page for some questionable food at any moment. Why does everything taste bizarre? Why are the tater tots half cold? The world may never know, but this article truly resonates with any Hoya that has ever been in downstairs Leo’s—even down to the mysterious and frustrating absence of forks.  

John Woolley
is a college senior and Multimedia Executive Editor. Has "Big Ruth Energy," some say.

Skyler Coffey
Skyler Coffey is the Voice's Copy Chief and former Leisure Editor. She primarily expresses affection by sending people TikToks.

Juliana Vaccaro
Juliana is an English/Economics double major, a Chinese minor, and a former Voice writer. She somehow still finds time to take way too many Halftime Leisure quizzes.

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