Amy Guay

Amy was an American Studies Major and a staff writer for the Voice. In her tenure, she served as Multimedia Editor, Leisure Editor, and Halftime Leisure Editor. One time she saw Cate Blanchett on Broadway.


Preview: Story District’s Sucker for Love-A Valentine’s Day Special

In theory, all you need is an audience, a mic, and a way with words to be in the business of telling stories. Formally known as SpeakeasyDC, Story District joins... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The 250: La La Land

Welcome to the 250, a weekly podcast where Voice staffers watch a movie from IMDb’s top 250 list and discuss their thoughts. This week host, Danielle Hewitt sits down with... Read more


The Red Turtle is a Poignant, Artful Vignette of Life

In the beginning, you hover above the turmoil of dark, crashing waves and are thrown under the moving ocean. You watch a bearded man desperately try to claw his way... Read more


The Privilege of Forgetting

I am nine months old when I fly first class for the first—and, at the time of this writing—only time in my life. My commuter dad amassed enough frequent flier... Read more


Best of 2016: Movies

1.) Zootopia Zootopia includes effective humor, impactful themes, and introduces a beautiful, immersive environment to boot. The film follows Judy Hopps’s move to the city of Zootopia where she attempts to... Read more


Nocturnal Animals Weaves a Tangled, Stunning Web

The women — corpulent, naked, and defiantly at ease — gyrate in slow-motion to haunting strings from composer Abel Korzeniowski, waving sparklers as the opening credits for Tom Ford’s Nocturnal... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Case for the Classics: Fiddler on the Roof

The story has reached near mythic status in my family history: as I stopped at houses on the Halloween of my fourth year on this earth, I captivated dozens of... Read more

Halftime Leisure

A Case for the Classics: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Being made up of movies filmed on dry, punishing landscapes and populated with reticent, tobacco-chewing male characters cloaking their fragile masculinity with some good ol’ American blood and guts, the... Read more


Pink Bows and Broken Barriers: The Eagle Huntress Soars

The picture is captivating: a young girl stands on a rock formation, the Mongolian mountain skyline providing a dramatic backdrop while a massive golden eagle perches on her outstretched arm.... Read more


The Voice Summer Reading List

“Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch — Graham Piro Multiverse theories and quantum physics typically make for dry, scholarly writing. In the hands of Blake Crouch, however, these topics make for... Read more