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<i>Living with Yourself</i> Doesn’t Seem to Make Much of Itself

Living with Yourself Doesn’t Seem to Make Much of Itself


Recently, Netflix released Paul Rudd’s new show Living with Yourself. A seemingly unique story with lots of potential, the show follows a man named Miles Elliot (Paul Rudd) who, burned out with his comfortable, suburban life, goes to a strange strip mall spa that supposedly transforms clients’ worlds. Claiming that they will scrub his DNA…

<i>Coraline</i>: The Kids Movie That Made Me Afraid of My Mom

Coraline: The Kids Movie That Made Me Afraid of My Mom


Coraline (2009) isn’t exactly a “Halloween movie”. In fact, there’s no mention of Halloween at all. Despite this, Coraline’s resemblance to a lot of children’s Halloween movies has solidified its presence in my mind as a part of the same genre. Its participation in this genre, however, is extremely unique. Most children’s movies surrounding the…

The Weekly List: The Milk Carton Kids

The Weekly List: The Milk Carton Kids


Let’s talk about music phases—those times in your life when your library is just dominated by some specific style or artist, and you just can’t get enough. I can think of plenty of times when I was listening to my “average” library and was suddenly hooked by a couple of tracks. The next thing I…

Trailer Takes: <i>The King</i>, <i>Let It Snow</i>, and <i>Bloodshot</i>

Trailer Takes: The King, Let It Snow, and Bloodshot

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The King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svVykTznk9Q&t=7s Lily: As much as I love reinterpretations of Shakespearean works, I’m not too sure about this. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Shakespeare’s plays is their focus on the relationships between the characters and how universal they are, and I didn’t get the sense that this would really be accomplished in…

<i>Coffee Chat:</i> 2622 Cafe

Coffee Chat: 2622 Cafe


Arguably the most important hallmark in an average undergrad’s life is a new, if not enhanced passion for coffee. Around October of freshman year, what was priorly bitter becomes heavenly. The occasional morning cup transforms into a 3-times-a-day lifeline for survival. Pretty soon you are looking up if anyone has patented cold brew IV drips,…

The Meme Files: “Rise and Shine” by Kylie Jenner

The Meme Files: “Rise and Shine” by Kylie Jenner


October 10th was a life-changing day because the world received a gift hidden in the video tour of Kylie Jenner’s office. The Youtube upload confirmed basically all of our speculations and previous knowledge about Jenner’s life. In case you weren’t aware: She’s rich, beautiful, and successful. What more do you need to know?  Turns out,…

Harry Styles Shines with New Single “Lights Up”

Harry Styles Shines with New Single “Lights Up”


With the only lead up to his new single comprising of a monosyllabic tweet and mysterious billboards popping up around the globe, Harry Styles is undoubtedly something of an enigma. Following this chaotic, confusing rollout, Styles dropped “Lights Up” on Oct. 11, the lead single off his upcoming album. The single is more experimental than…

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