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POTUS sucker-punches the patriarchy by pairing profane comedy with sharp social critique

POTUS: Or Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive perfectly balances colorful comedy and cultural critique.


Exclusion tactfully tackles representation in Hollywood by contemplating what’s true, what sells, and what’s funny

Exclusion investigates who gets the power of the pen and who gets silenced through a skillful incorporation of critical comedy.


Arena Stage welcomes Georgetown, Howard students in exploration of playwriting

Six students and alumni from Georgetown and Howard are developing their own plays through Arena Stage’s Playwrights’ Arena.


Histories Collide in Mother Road at Arena Stage

Stretching backstage and out of sight, the road—Mother Road—appears to last forever. It is the context for every event to unfold for the next two and a half hours, and... Read more


Disney’s Newsies at Arena Stage Immerses Audiences in a World of Youth Activism

Upon entering the Fichlander Theater this winter, audiences immediately find themselves immersed in the world of New York City just before the turn of the 20th century. To reach their... Read more


Kleptocracy Engages the Unknown

The District is about to devour Kleptocracy. Arena Stage’s latest production, which runs through Feb. 24, is the world premiere of a play set in 1990s Russia that depicts the... Read more


At Arena Stage, Indecent is a Requiem for Art’s Endurance

Ghosts come alive at the start of Arena Stage’s production of Indecent, the dust rising from the actors’ heavy overcoats in poetic plumes. Lemml (Ben Cherry, bearded and earnest) serves... Read more


Anything Goes at Arena Stage Provides a Delightful Rendition of a Timeless Classic

After a two-minute dance break, featuring almost every actor in the cast engaging in an array of wildly complex, yet precise tap routines, the dancers triumphantly returned to singing the... Read more


Two Trains Running Meanders to a Comfort Food Finish at Arena Stage

The agitation that shook the 1960s doesn’t rattle Memphis Lee’s diner, or any on-stage portion of Two Trains Running, yet there’s a sense that change is approaching at breakneck speed.... Read more


Hold These Truths is a Poignant Memoir on Injustice

Hold These Truths is a one-man play written by Jeanne Sakata, featuring Ryun Yu in the role of Gordon Hirabayashi. Hirabayashi is not a fictional character, but a real man... Read more


Mary Kathryn Nagle’s Sovereignty Teaches What You Should Have Learned in American History Class

Cue the opening scene of Georgetown alumnus Mary Kathryn Nagle’s Sovereignty: A drunken white man wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt stumbles into a Casino and hurls racial slurs... Read more


Arena Stage’s A Raisin in the Sun Captivates All Around

There is a dangerous magic about theatre-in-the-round—and a heightened sense of communal experience. At Arena Stage’s 2017 production of Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 play A Raisin in the Sun, the actors... Read more