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Time to Go-Go: original performance ‘Making The Go-Go Band’ honors D.C. music

Georgetown Theater & Performance Studies and Black Theatre Ensemble debuted their original musical, “Making The Go-Go Band” on Nov. 9 in the Davis Performing Arts Center. The show is just... Read more

News Commentary

Beyond fleeting joy, Black art is more than the antithesis of pain

Black art made of the mundane is rarely celebrated. Rather, when it comes to representing Black lives, it is art that draws from both personal and systemic forms of suffering that is given precedence.


Beyond the Lights sits at the intersection of commentary and theatre

It’s five minutes to show time on the opening night of Beyond the Lights, and nobody knows exactly what to expect. The air buzzes, electric with barely contained enthusiasm and... Read more



Performance is coming back to Georgetown.  After a year of green screen set displays and actors talking through the borders of Zoom boxes, theatre is returning to, well, not always... Read more


Black Theatre Ensemble’s Blood at the Root Plants Deep Seeds of Thought

A red wash covers the floor and walls of the set of Blood at the Root, Georgetown University’s Black Theatre Ensemble (BTE) spring show. The hue, imbued by both painted... Read more


Running with The Wolves: Nomadic Theatre Production Explores Teenhood and Teamwork

“Quick hands! Quick hands!” The team captain, played by Bella Carlucci (COL ’23), yells to the goalie as the pair toss a soccer ball across the stage. Running past, the... Read more


Hook, Line, and Slasher: Hookman is Terrific and Terrifying

By spilling forth everything meant to be contained in the fragile receptacles of human bodies—blood, guts, brains, you name it—the slasher genre appeals to the perverse in people. Hookman, the... Read more