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Georgetown Students join NYC March to End Fossil Fuels

Georgetown students joined tens of thousands of protesters chanting, waving signs, and singing in New York City streets at the Sept. 17 March to End Fossil Fuels. Marchers called on... Read more


“Faces of Climate Change” photography contest uses art for climate justice

The Georgetown Environmental Justice Program brought the Faces of Climate Change art installation to the ICC galleria last week from April 17-22. The exhibit featured works from the Faces of Climate Change photography contest launched by Nishita Karad in 2022, and highlighted stories left out by the “Western-centric narrative” that Karad said exists in the global conversation about climate change.


COP27, Human Rights, and The Climate Crisis

COP27 has been tasked with overcoming past criticisms while also dealing with new challenges that are arising inside a country with high levels of censorship and repression.


Buttigieg town hall reflects on importance of bipartisan infrastructure bill on the future of the country, climate change, and racial justice

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg visited Georgetown University for a town hall on Oct. 11 to discuss his future goals.

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COP26: Humanity’s chance for redemption

The COP26 goals included global commitments to reach global net zero emissions by 2050, adapt to protect communities and natural habitats, and mobilize climate finance in order to reach net zero. Total engagement is absolutely necessary for combating climate change, and we must commit to being a united front in order to preserve our future. 


What the pandemic teaches us about disability and disaster

We will all benefit from a society that ensures the inclusion and security of all people—something that will only come with reforming the way we provide long-term care and the way we see disability


End performative environmentalism in D.C.’s climate resilience plan

To understand D.C.’s relationship with climate change, looking at the District’s latest climate resilience plan is the place to start. When D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser released a lengthy policy roadmap... Read more

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Looking at Tomorrow differently

Tomorrow. It’s a scary thing to think about and even scarier within the context of climate change. The earth has been in crisis for decades and humanity has done little... Read more


GREEN hosts clothing swap to promote sustainable fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting sectors in the world, responsible for 10 percent of all carbon emissions and 20 percent of global wastewater. In response, some... Read more

On Being Green

On Being Green: How overconsumption fuels climate change

It’s time we change our vocabulary. The success of an individual or business should not be defined on growth but rather sustainability—or, even better, ‘thriveability.'


Georgetown announces plans to divest from fossil fuels

This post has been updated to include a statement from GUFF In an email to students on Thursday, university President John DeGioia announced that Georgetown’s Board of Directors approved a... Read more


Support the New and Improved Women’s March

Last January, our editorial board wrote that there were several fundamental problems with the Women’s March. Even though we stood by the movement’s founding principles, we advocated sitting out the... Read more


Jane Fonda Discusses Climate Activism

Academy Award-winning actress and activist Jane Fonda spoke about climate activism in Gaston Hall on Jan. 7. The event, titled “This is Not a Drill: A Discussion with Jane Fonda... Read more

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Beauty and Hope in the Waste Land

Waste Land, a 2010 art documentary, played at the Maria & Alberto de la Cruz Art Gallery during a screening on Dec. 4. Directed by Lucy Walker, the documentary follows... Read more


Storm Clouds on the Horizon: The 34th annual Donn B. Murphy One Acts Festival is unlike any other

One week before opening night on Nov. 13, the storm was raging at full speed. Mask and Bauble staff members yelled to each other over a thunderous cacophony of crows,... Read more


Reestablish the Civilian Conservation Corps

Our world is in crisis. Rising temperatures are causing more frequent and destructive extreme weather events with ever-increasing human and financial costs. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,... Read more


Georgetown Hosts Climate Forum with Presidential Candidates

The Georgetown Institute of Politics held a two-day forum on climate change featuring 2020 presidential candidates on Thursday and Friday. The Gaston Hall event featured 12 candidates and was co-sponsored... Read more


Protests disrupt rebuttal to Climate Change Forum

The Georgetown University College Republicans (GUCR) hosted a rebuttal to the Democratic presidential candidates’ Climate Change Forum, held at the university, on Thursday. The GUCR event highlighted several presenters, including... Read more

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Billie Eilish Tackles Climate Change in “all the good girls go to hell” Music Video

This past Wednesday, Billie Eilish dropped her most recent music video for “all the good girls go to hell”, a song from her 2019 album When We All Fall Asleep,... Read more


D.C. residents bring racial equity to the city’s climate change conversation

Dennis Chestnut has lived in the far northeast corner of Washington, D.C., since he was born. He speaks with pride about its history as one of the most diverse areas... Read more