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The search for Georgetown’s vibrant writing community

Not only do these classes force us to write outside of a purely academic mindset (because sometimes the econ quiz, IR paper, and Lau 2 fumes just aren’t conducive to storytelling), but they also carve out time for us to focus on honing our craft and narrative voice. Disparate students joined together through writing have grown into a veritable literary community at Georgetown. 


Crafting community: A thank you to the Maker Hub

At the time, my only perception of the Maker Hub was that it was a glorified Michaels. In the years since, I’ve learned that it’s first and foremost about inspiring Hoyas—not artistic ability, engineering prowess, or any of its fancy tools. It also has its own vibrant community of student volunteers with incredibly expansive skill sets who donate their scant free time to share knowledge with our visitors and one another. 


Come one, come all to the “girl dinner” table

Instead of meticulous control or binge-eating, girl dinner is listening to what your body is telling you. Her version of girl dinner is not an every-night affair but an occasional pick-me-up. While it can be made up of snacks, it also includes small cooked plates that are discordant but somehow make sense altogether. Girl dinner is realistic: it’s a representation of the modest and uneventful ways everyone eats.


Post Pitch: Twisted Pine

Welcome back to Post Pitch! This week, Voice podcast producer Jillian Seitz and leisure writer Cole Kindiger discuss his experience at the recent D.C. Twisted Pine concert, which he writes... Read more


Despite dilapidation in Chinatown, D.C.’s Chinese American community continues to thrive

Between Fifth and Eighth streets and along H and I streets lies what remains of D.C.’s Chinatown. The Friendship Arch, which was built in the style of Qing-dynasty architecture, marks... Read more


Dear Hoyas

Each August, the Voice begins the year with a letter to the student body, especially directed at the incoming class, offering advice on how to best conquer the trials and... Read more


Beyond Healy Hall: How to find joy at Georgetown

In my search for Georgetown’s better qualities, I like to remember why I chose to come here in the first place. While I was impressed by the gothic beauty of Healy Hall and the bright colors of the front lawn’s tulips, what I remember most about my first visit to the Hilltop is the people.


Georgetown’s non-faculty workers deserve better treatment

Last winter, two Georgetown students crowdsourced $17,000 for Stacey Walton, a Georgetown food service employee struggling with food and housing insecurity. In advocating for Walton, they acknowledged the simple fact... Read more


Cartoon Apes and Digital Strippers: Craving for Community in the Pandemic Continues Through NFTs

NFTs and their associated clubs may actually provide some real benefit given our evergreen interest in socialization with other like-minded people, united through their love of cards, cats, or video games.


Sneaker Flipping: Inclusive community before profit

Sneaker flipping enables the use of technology to exploit a slow-moving system. Now beyond innovative, the practice has become inequitable.


Let there be lights, lights, and more lights

In a year full of darkness, holiday lights are more important than ever as a signifier of hope and a method of building community.

Halftime Leisure

The Case for Community: Part II

The following article is the second part of The Case for Community. The first part was posted last Tuesday and can be found here. Welcome back to “The Case for... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Case for Community: Part I

In the fall of 2009, a series of new pilots from all the big broadcast networks were dropped onto iTunes for free, as they are at the beginning of every... Read more