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Halftime News

Inside a timeless tradition: a minute with the man who stole the clock hands

Editor’s note: Source’s name has been changed to protect anonymity.  Troy O’Neil (MSB ’23) has an unassuming air about him. He’s of average height and average build. He sometimes wears... Read more


Georgetown Explained: How Georgetown prepares for emergencies

Georgetown’s location is a confluence of potential emergencies—with the typical cyber and physical safety concerns of college campuses, the mid-Atlantic’s weather hazards, and the unique security issues of the Washington,... Read more


DeGioia talks class-conscious admissions, GUPD, and more

Every semester, the editor-in-chief of the Voice has sat down with President John DeGioia to talk through pressing issues facing the Georgetown community. While the tradition went on hiatus during... Read more


GUPR sit-ins resume in Healy following university’s inconclusive report

GUPR resumed its sit-in after the investigation of the racist hate crime perpetrated against LaHannah Giles came back inconclusive.


“This is what community looks like”: Student activists receive university response to hate crime, ending sit-in

After the fourth consecutive day of the GU Protects Racists sit-in, university administrators publicly responded to the demands of LaHannah Giles on Dec. 8. On Dec. 9, organizers decided to end the sit-in. 


#GeorgetownProtectsRacists sit-in demands accountability for hate crime

Students are occupying Healy Hall to demand accountability and justice for LaHannah Giles (COL ’23), the survivor of a racist hate crime on Georgetown Day this year.


What the narratives around gun violence in D.C. get wrong

Contrary to popular and often racist narratives, gun violence in D.C. is not an unsolvable and pervasive problem, but one in which solutions are possible.


GUPD faces criticism for delayed response to shooting near campus

Even though students subscribe to the HOYAlert notification system utilized by GUPD, many were not informed of the shooting by GUPD.


Defund GUPD. With the right response systems, we won’t need them.

The Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) has maintained a dangerous and  imposing role on this campus for far too long.  As an organization, GUPD is not equipped to deal with... Read more


GUSA Senate responds to safety incident with call for increased university communication

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution calling for more transparency regarding student safety at their meeting on Sep. 19.  Referencing an incident involving an adult man who was seen in... Read more


2020 Cultural Climate Survey shows racial disparities in feelings of belonging at Georgetown 

Newly released results of Georgetown’s 2020 Cultural Climate Survey showed large racial disparities in reported student experience.


GUSA appoints students to GUPD oversight committee

The GUSA Senate confirmed three students as representatives to the GUPD Oversight Student Advisory Committee at their meeting on Dec. 6.


GUSA re-establishes GUPD student oversight board

The GUSA Senate passed a resolution to establish a student advisory committee to oversee the Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) at their meeting on Nov. 8. 


Georgetown Law School’s ABLE Program provides intervention training to law enforcement agencies

Georgetown ABLE Project is providing peer intervention training to law enforcement in police departments across the country. 

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown explained: GUPD

The Voice explains Georgetown's on-campus police force GUPD and the criticisms it has received over the years.


On-campus students attempt to form community amid rising cases

The approximately 500 students on Georgetown’s campus are navigating not only a rigorous COVID-19 testing schedule and the burden of virtual school but also the challenge of forming a community... Read more


Students call for Georgetown to cut ties with MPD

A petition calling for Georgetown to end its contract with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was posted on on June 2. The petition has over 6,000 signatures as of... Read more


GUSA Senate passes resolutions recommending police reform

The GUSA Senate passed three pieces of legislation advocating a shift in policy in Georgetown’s relationship with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and GUPD at its meeting on June 7.... Read more


Title IX class proposes sexual assault reforms to administration

Content Warning: This article references sexual assault and misconduct. “We are a new generation taking a fresh look at Title IX and gender equity on-campus,” Kayla Friedland (COL ’22) said.... Read more


Protesters, arrested Monday, return to Georgetown to invite students to impeachment protest

Protesters from the group Refuse Fascism returned to campus on Tuesday Jan. 28 after GUPD arrested two members of their group in Red Square on Monday. Like the previous day,... Read more